Water Aerobics Equipment

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Aqua Fitness Gear

Do you want to lose weight in a fun and gentle way? Aqua fitness benefits include losing weight, increasing cardiovascular endurance, and more! It's a great way to improve your health. At SwimOutlet, we have everything you need to get started, so take a look and pick what you want to start your Aquafit journey.

No Pain With Plenty Of Gain

Every piece of aqua fitness equipment helps you exercise without facing too much trouble. You'll find aquatic dumbbells, belts, swim noodles, and more in our store - and everything is there waiting for you! Once you have everything you need, jump in the pool and put the work in to lose weight in a fun way.

Equip Yourself To Exercise Right

There are countless things you can use to do Aquafit - and at SwimOutlet, we have everything ready to send your way. Whether you want to start slow or fully equip your pool to do Aquafit, we're happy to help you make that happen!

Do What You Want On The Water

Don't limit yourself to Aquafit alone. Check the many things we have in our store and create your own routine of underwater exercise. Let your imagination help you have fun exercising!


Is aqua fitness good for weight loss?

Absolutely! In fact, aquatic fitness is perfect for people who want to lose weight. The reason is simple: other ways of exercising (like running) put too much stress on your body - but aquatic fitness reduces how much stress you put on your joints when you exercise. There's no need to damage your knees if you're trying to lose those extra pounds you have when you can jump in the pool.

Is Aquafit a good workout?

Aquafit is a great workout. You put everything to the test when you do it: endurance, flexibility, and strength. The secret behind Aquafit is using the water to your advantage. Every time you move your body, the water in the pool puts pressure on your muscles, forcing you to make an effort. That way, your heart gets pumping, calories start to burn, and you lose weight!

Is Aquafit better than swimming?

That depends! Aquafit presents an incredible opportunity for people who are overweight or have joint issues. It's a low-stress way of exercising and burning calories, so it gets the job done. Swimming is more demanding, so it will help you burn more calories - but it's also more repetitive, so it may bore you faster than Aquafit. There's no need to choose one or the other, though - you can do both if you want to get the best results possible!

What do I need for aqua aerobics?

There are five essential items you need to have a great aqua aerobics class: a swim bar, a kickboardaquatic dumbbells, and wrist and ankle weights. Each one of these things will help you do something different on the water. Nevertheless, you don't need everything to get started! Pick what you need for your aqua aerobics routine today, and get more stuff later!