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Wetsuit Booties

SwimOutlet offers the largest selection of girls' wetsuit booties on the web today. We take pride in our carefully curated collections of different styles, materials, sizes, and brands, as well as regular new arrivals for you to choose from. These wetsuit accessories are essential for a wide range of needs, from swimming on sandy beaches to snorkeling, full suit wetsuits over reefs to surfing in cold water, our wetsuit booties are the perfect protection for your little girl's feet for all of your water adventures.


We have all the latest contemporary designs and engineered features. From the standard round-toe booties to slip-toe, to the most recent designs that feature internal slip-toe features, you can trust that we carry the best and the latest wetsuit booties available on the market.


Choosing the Best Girls' Wetsuit Booties: Everything You Need to Know


Buying wetsuit booties online can be challenging, but more so if you're buying for your little girl. Wetsuit booties aren't the most comfortable to put on, and if you buy the wrong size, they can even be more uncomfortable for your daughter. This means the first thing you should consider when buying wetsuit booties is the size and fit.


Normally, you should buy the size that corresponds to your little girl's regular shoe size. However, different brands or manufacturers have different shoe sizes, so you should take a look at a brand's specific sizing guide to ensure your little girl gets the perfect fit.


The second thing you need to consider is how and where your little girl will use the booties. If you need booties for surfing in cold temperatures, you need booties to snorkel over sharp reefs, or simply to walk over a rocky beach, this should be your basis for choosing what kind of wetsuit booties your little girl needs. Typically, 3mm booties are perfect for warm weather, but 5mm or something thicker is ideal for colder weather or waters.


And lastly, once you have the size and function down, you can focus on choosing the style, color, and design. Wetsuit booties for girls are typically made of neoprene and rubber, and they come in a wide variety of colors, prints, and patterns. Here at SwimOutlet, you won't run out of choices since we have a wide selection of girls' wetsuit booties to choose from.