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Womens Full Body Rash Guards

Womens full body rash guards are perfect for a wide range of uses. Wear one to a yoga session, snorkeling, freediving, surfing, swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, or aqua aerobics, and stay warm and protected against the elements. SwimOutlet is the best place online for the best rash guard women's and men's styles, offered in the best cuts, colors, and from the best brands.

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Where Can You Wear a Womens Full Body Rash Guards?

A full-body rash guard is not for everyone. The full coverage can be restricting, but if you've worn one before, you might be one of the select few who loves wearing a rash guard that covers you from neck to foot. These are full-body, long sleeve rash guard women's cuts that are made of the very same material as swimsuits, which are polyester and lycra, offering 4-ways stretch that allows for a full range of movement.

If you've never worn one and you haven't seen anyone wearing it, here are the top activities where wearing a full-body rash guard is ideal:

  • Free Diving
  • Free diving is a form of water activity where a person dives underwater holding her breath, rather than using breathing equipment such as oxygen in scuba diving. Free diving needs the wearer to be agile, flexible, and warm, making a full-body suit perfect for this water-based activity.

  • Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
  • This activity exposes you to direct sunlight and water. If you want full sun protection, then a full-body rash guard is an excellent choice. Most full-body unitards cover you from neck to foot, as well as having long sleeves with thumbholes. Materials used for these kinds of swimwear also feature UPF protection so you remain free from sunburn and sun damage when enjoying hours of paddle boarding.

  • Surfing
  • When surfing, you sometimes don't realize that you're out in the water for several hours. Sun damage is a common problem among surfers but with a full-body suit, your torso and limbs are protected by the material. Not only will you get sun protection, but you'll also be free of chafing and abrasions that can be caused by friction between your skin and the board.


    What kind of rash guard should I get?

    Get a rash guard that meets your needs in terms of activity, the weather, and your comfort level. If you're swimming or surfing in warm weather, then a short sleeve rash guard top is for you while a full-body unitard may be ideal if you're planning to wear one for aqua aerobics in an outdoor pool.

    Are rash guards supposed to be tight or loose?

    Rash guards are supposed to be tight because they need to stick to your body as you engage in water activities. Fabric tends to expand when soaked in water for some time, this means a true-to-size rash guard will slightly expand when you spend time in the water. Rash guards and swimwear need to be tight but if you don't plan on engaging in water activities, then a loose rash guard will offer you more comfort.

    Do you wear a top under a rash guard?

    Yes, you need to wear a bikini top under a rash guard, specifically a molded bikini top. If you don't want to wear one, there are women's rash guards with bra inserts that allow you to wear it as is without anything underneath.

    Are rash guards worth it?

    Yes, rash guards are worth it because they offer protection from the elements when you stay in the ocean for too long. For women who want to protect themselves from the sun while lounging at the beach, rash guards are also an ideal swimwear.

    Should you tuck in a rash guard?

    No, you don't need to tuck in your rash guard because they're tight and stick to your body. If you can pull a significant portion of the fabric from your body, that means that the rash guard is too loose and you need to wear something smaller.