Bikini Bottoms

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Bikini & Swimsuit Bottoms

Make a statement with your bikini bottoms. You don't have to get stuck with just one style that can get boring over time anymore. Depending on your mood and how you want to express yourself, you can wear any bikini bottom that suits your fancy. Choose from SwimOutlets' large selection of swimwear offering you fashion and designer styles and active and fitness swimwear, including accessories, and gear.


If you're feeling conservative and want more coverage


You can pick the regular-fit styles like the classic brief style known as Rio, or the bikini shorts style.


Rios are broader near the hips and provide more coverage. It's classic and suits all body types. Bikini shorts look like snug-fit shorts and provide you with more coverage, too. You can wear these when you're planning a more active time at the beach or around the poolside, aside from just swimming. You can choose black regular-fit bikini bottoms, as black is classic and defines your silhouette well,


If you're feeling fun and flirty


You can wear high-waisted bikini bottoms to cover up your tummy, define your waistline, and look more feminine. Think retro 1950s style. If your tummy needs more flattening, you can choose our tummy control bikini bottoms. These comfortably sit at your natural waist, smoothen and slim the contour of your tummy, and enhance your curves. They look good in all shapes and sizes.


You can also wear cheeky bikini bottoms. Cheeky bikini bottoms have a V-shaped cut and show more of your bum. If you want to make your legs look longer and show off a bit of skin, especially if you've been doing those butt-shaping exercises regularly for weeks now and have the tight booty to flaunt!


You can put on tie-side bikini bottoms, too. These have adjustable straps at the side, which you can easily arrange, especially if you're also planning on tanning, as they will give you fewer tan lines.


If you're feeling bold and sexy


You can choose Brazilians or bikini thongs! Brazilians are the sexiest bikini bottoms. The back has higher cuts, showing off your booty, with a low cut falling below your hips. Reward yourself after those long weeks of doing squats and show off how good you look!


If you're feeling extra confident, try bikini thongs. They look like underwear thongs, showing off a lot of skin. They're perfect, too, for tanning and you don't want a lot of visible tan lines.


Frequently Asked Questions


How are bathing suit bottoms supposed to fit?


They should fit snugly around your rear without biting on your behind or riding up when you move. If they're too tight, they will pinch and might even irritate your skin. If they're too loose, they can stretch out and sag as you walk, run, or swim. Choose one that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Walk and even jump around in it and see how it makes you feel.


What bathing suit bottom is most flattering?


It depends on your butt shape and size. Tie-sides are best for big butts as well as flat butts, bottom-heavy butts, and droopy butts. Brazilians look good on smaller butts, round butts, heart-shaped butts, and no butts. High-waists are recommended for curvy butts and hourglass body shapes. Bikini shorts flatter petite butts, narrow butts, and boyish butts, 


What is the bottom part of a bikini called? (Or: What is the bottom piece of a bikini called?)


Generally, bikinis refer to women's two-piece swimsuits, with the top part covering the breasts, and the lower part covering the pelvis. So, the top parts are called bikini tops and the bottom parts are called bikini bottoms. However, when using the plural "bikinis", it usually refers only to bikini bottoms.


How do I keep my bikini bottoms from falling down?


First, make sure that you buy one that fits snugly around your behind and feels comfortable. In the course of frequent wearing and washing, though, they could begin to sag and fall down.  Generally recommended emergency tips are folding the waistband inward and sewing it in, creating a lining space along the waistband and attaching drawstrings, inserting an elastic band lining along the waistband, and resizing or scrunching it up (but you have to have good sewing skills for these),  Or, you can just buy a new one at SwimOutlet.


How do I choose a bikini bottom?


Know what your body shape is and choose a style that's best for it. The main principle to observe is to choose a style that accentuates your best features and minimizes or conceals your weaker features.


Always pick the one that feels most comfortable for you. No matter how pretty it looks, if it doesn't feel good on you, you won't feel confident wearing it.


Light colors draw attention, while darker colors conceal. If you have wide hips and an ample butt, choose dark colors. If you have narrower hips and a smaller behind, choose lighter colors.


Vertical patterns are slimming while horizontal patterns are widening. If you like having patterns on your bikini bottoms, choose vertical patterns for wider hips and bigger butts. Choose horizontal patterns for narrower hips and smaller butts.