Men's Swimskins

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We believe in equipping you when taking part in competitive watersports and related activities. Whether you are participating in a triathlon or outdoor watersports, we have the perfect men’s swimskins for you.

Swimskins offer that extra boost in hydrodynamic speed during triathlon races. SwimOutlet has a great selection of swimskins for men from notable brands like TYR, Blueseventy, and Zone3.

Get an edge while competing in watersports. Choose any of our superior men's swimskins and get the confidence, look and feel of a pro athlete.

SwimOutlet also has mens swimwear, womens swimwear, as well as apparel, activewear, fitness gear i.e., swimskin watch strap and more!

How to Choose Men's Swimskins

Swimskins are meant to offer the best conditions for competing. Swimskins are legal wetsuits with an advantage over traditional triathlon suits. They are great for swimming in water bodies where temperatures get high. A good swimskin will have optimal compression making it easier to maintain hydrodynamics and speed while swimming.

The swimskin should have a perfect fit. Excessive tightness can be uncomfortable. It can also make it impossible to wear. On the other hand, a loose-fitting suit will move around and cause discomfort as well as create drag. A smooth suit reduces friction and makes it easier to glide through water. Choose a swimskin that looks tight but doesn't feel tight. However, personal preferences can come into play.

Style should also be considered. Swimskins generally have or lack sleeves. Open arms cool the body easily making them better when temperature regulation is of utmost importance. Sleeveless swimskins are generally recommendable for triathletes with larger-than-normal upper bodies. Swimskins with sleeves offer better hydrodynamics.


Are Swimskins worth it?

Absolutely! Pool tests done by the American Olympic swim team show that swimskins save approximately 2 seconds every 100 yards of swimming when compared to regular suits. This time can be the difference between winning and losing a race.

Does a swimskin add warmth?

Swimskins with sleeves retain heat better as opposed to adding warmth. Their thin construction is meant to compress and add speed and not offer warmth or buoyancy like wetsuits.

What is the difference between a swimskin and a wetsuit?

The difference can be explored in the definition. Swimskins are one-piece suits worn above tri-suits. They increase hydrodynamics by eliminating friction between the water and body. Since they are light and snug, they improve the body's alignment and provide a smooth surface.Wetsuits can be defined as pieces of clothing made from rubber. The main purpose of wetsuits is to cover the entire body and keep a person warm when swimming, especially during prolonged periods. Wetsuits are, therefore, better for swimming in cold water, while swimskins are meant for increasing swimming speed in warm water. Wetsuits are also quicker to remove than swimskins. They tend to be more flexible around the shoulders and elbows.

Are sleeveless wetsuits worth it?

Yes! If you have a larger-than-normal body, broader shoulders, or hands, you stand to benefit from sleeveless wetsuits. The wetsuits are also better for cooling off in warm swimming conditions.