Men's Lifeguard Shirts

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For most, lifeguard t-shirts are an essential part of the job and a requirement by most employers. This is because the t-shirts make the lifeguard clear to all of the swimmers, and they are often branded with a large "guard" graphic. However, lifeguard shirts also offer several other benefits to those on the job, including comfort and a handy way to cover up. At SwimOutlet, we offer a great selection of high quality men’s lifeguard shirts and more like swim trunks, rash guard and hat and visors from the industry's favorite brands - all for unbeatable prices that you won't find anywhere else!


If you're looking for a bargain on lifeguard shirts with the quality and durability to see you through each and every season on duty - you've come to the right place!


Styles to suit everyone


Whether you're a guy that prefers a sleeveless look, or you work in a cooler location and would prefer the added warmth of long sleeves - we have men's lifeguard shirts to suit you. Our muscle tee styles are great for men who like to show off their arms poolside, manufactured with the softest jersey cotton to promote comfortable wear all day long. While our various short sleeve models are available in tight, form-fitting styles, as well as more relaxed crew necks. Make the most of your time on duty by dressing according to your body and tastes - all while looking the part for your profession.


Shop our Men's Lifeguard Shirts with a wide range of colors


Red has always been the traditional color for lifeguards as it is easy for swimmers to see from the other side of the pool or beach. However, more and more institutions are opting to kit out their lifeguards in different colors such as white, black, blue, gray, and yellow. We offer lifeguard shirts in a range of colors, going beyond the traditional white and red. Whatever your color needs - we probably have a shirt for you. 


Our shirts are also available with a range of graphics, varying from a large and loud "guard" print, to far more subtle lifeguard graphics and logos. We also offer plain lifeguard shirts for those who prefer to go without a slogan or logo.