Women's Fullsuit Wetsuit

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A women's fullsuit wetsuit is an essential piece of water garment that keeps your body at a comfortable temperature so you can stay focused and perform better. While a wetsuit is known for its thermal features, it can also help you float easier and protect your body against painful wave crushes. Additionally, a wetsuit can help prevent rashes due to exposure to the sun, sand, and others.


So whether you plan to swim, surf, or engage in different water sport activities, you'll certainly want a wetsuit that can provide good insulation while allowing you to move and swim freely.


SwimOutlet offers you the largest selection of women’s wetsuits on the web today you can choose from wetsuit tops, swimkins to spring suits. We have carefully curated collections that feature a wide variety of sizes, colors, styles, and from different brands like Roxy, O'Neill, Billabong, Peak, RipCurl, and more.


How to choose the best Women's Fullsuit Wetsuit


Finding the right women's fullsuit wetsuit can be challenging but it is never impossible. To choose the best fullsuit wetsuit for you, here are some questions that you should answer first.


What's your fit?


Opting for a wetsuit that has a perfect fit for you is a total gamechanger. You shouldn't choose a tight-fitting wetsuit or else it will restrict your movement. A loose wetsuit is also not a good idea as it can allow entry of cold water and inhibit the garment's thermal protection. As you see, fit really matters.


But how exactly do you find the best fit? Well, let's walk you through it. First, you'll need a tape measure. Next, measure your height, chest, waist, hips, and inside leg. You may also want to check and take note of your weight for more reference. Finally, check the size chart and select the size that is most appropriate for your measurements.


SwimOutlet offers selected wetsuits that are available in up to 7 sizes so you can find the wetsuit that will provide a snug fit for your body. Again, the fit matters in wetsuits so choose your size wisely. 


What wetsuit thickness do you need?


Wetsuits come in different thicknesses that are suitable for different water temperatures. 


Below is a guide on how to choose a wetsuit thickness depending on water temperature in Fahrenheit.


66 degrees - 2 mm

62 degrees - 3 mm

58 degrees - 4 mm

54 degrees - 4.5 mm

52 degrees - 5 mm

48 degrees - 5.5 mm

43 degrees - 6 mm

41 degrees and below - 7 mm


While the water temperature serves as the main basis in choosing the wetsuit, your sensitivity to cold temperature also matters. If you are extra sensitive to cold you may want to opt for thicker wetsuits. Additionally, you should consider the wind temperature and the intensity of the activity as they may also influence your body's temperature.


What's your style?


Although wetsuits may look similar, there are little details that can still show your character and fashion style. These little details include colors, patterns, texture, and more. Always choose a wetsuit that will not just make you feel free to move but also feel confident!