Girls' Swimsuits

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Girls' Bathing Suits

Kids enjoy playing in the water on hot sunny days. They need the perfect swimsuits to do so comfortably, safely, and in style.

SwimOutlet has an extensive selection of girl swimsuits from the most reputable swimwear brands globally, like Sporti, TYR, Arena, Dolfin, Speedo, Waterpro, and more! We also have an extensive collection of women's active & fitness swimwear. Get the best girls' swimsuits, accessories, gear, and apparel. Our collection offers a range of colors, styles, prints and more, with new arrivals on sale regularly.

Our little girls swimsuits and teenage girls swimsuits are perfect for pool parties, vacations, water adventures, and more! Get modern swimsuits for girls that look and feel great. SwimOutlet also has options for the entire family with men's swimwear and women's swimwear ideal for all sizes (including plus size swimwear).

Choosing a Girl's Swimsuit

When picking a swimsuit for a girl, you should make several considerations. Size should be the first consideration. Swimsuit brands for girls may have sizing variations. However, most are categorized based on age instead of measurements.

Girls swimsuits should also be chosen based on the activity in question. For instance, if you are buying a swimsuit for indoor swimming, consider a one-piece swimsuit since it's comfortable and stays in place. If you want a swimsuit for swimming classes, consider darker colors that look more professional. Swimsuits for leisure activities can be colorful.

Safety is also an important consideration. Since kids have sensitive skin, consider a girl's swimsuit that will offer protection from UV light. A swimsuit featuring long sleeves or a rash guar may be ideal. Preferences should also come into play. Girl's swimsuits with a skirt are cute and ideal

for playful outings.

Swimsuits for All

We have a variety of swimsuits for girls varying in size, print, UPF protection, and more. Get your family ready for any water activity with the latest swimwear brands, style, and trends. Enjoy huge discounts while at it! (Over 60% off).


Which swimwear is best for kids?

The best swimwear for kids is high quality. It also offers ideal UV protection, comfort, and style.

What is the best swimsuit brand?

SwimOutlet stocks high quality swimsuits only. The best swimsuit brands we stock include, but aren't limited to, brands like Nike, Sporti, TYR, Arena, Dolfin, Speedo, and Waterpro.

What swimsuits are best for swimming?

When swimming is your #1 priority, consider swimsuits that offer a perfect fit that gives unmatched freedom of movement in water. However, other factors like tastes and preferences will obviously come into play.Different swimsuits will serve different purposes. For instance, there are swimsuits that will offer more comfort. Others will offer a more modest look, enhance the appearance of different body parts, offer support to different body parts, accent different body parts, etc. Other considerations include chlorine resistance. Chlorine resistant swimsuits are the best for swimming in pools.

How do I choose a swimsuit for my child?

As mentioned above, consider safety (UV protection) and factors like comfort and style. You should get your child a stylish swimsuit they will love to wear.

What is the safest swimsuit color?

Neon-colored girls' swimsuits are the safest since they are bright and feature contrasting colors that are easy to spot in pools and lakes.