Two Piece Lifeguard Swimsuits

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Two Piece Swimsuits

Two Piece Lifeguard Swimsuits

The epitome of a woman lifeguard wears a red one-piece swimsuit with a low back. But did you know that lifeguards can wear two-piece swimsuits, too? Yes, two piece lifeguard swimsuits are approved, offering more comfort and style for women. If you're in search of a top-quality two-piece lifeguard swimsuit, you're in luck because we carry the top brands that design and manufacture the best lifeguard swimsuits in the market.

These brands are Nike Swim, Dolfin, Speedo, and TYR, each offering their very own versions of lifeguard swimsuits in a wide range of styles, cuts, materials, and colors. Take your pick from your large selection of lifeguard swimwear options, and you'll never have to look elsewhere. We have the best and the largest selection, being the biggest swimwear company on the web offering the most swimwear options.

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Why a Two Piece Lifeguard Swimsuit is For You

If you're still unsure whether you want a two-piece or a one-piece lifeguard swimsuit, then this guide will help you make the decision. Here are some reasons why a two-piece can be a better choice:

  • Custom Fit
  • Some women have different sizes for their bikini tops and bottoms. With a two-piece swimsuit, you can choose lifeguard bikini tops that are true to size, while you can buy a bikini bottom that may be a size smaller, creating the perfect fit.

  • Comfort
  • Two-piece swimsuits are said to be more comfortable because it allows for more movement. With less fabric, you can swim faster and move better. With more fabric, there is more drag and restriction of movement. When you're trying to save a life, the smallest seconds count.

  • Appealing and Functional
  • Two-piece swimsuits are also more appealing than one-piece swimwear. They are more flattering, which is ideal for all kinds of body types. Most lifeguard swimsuits are made in sporty styles such as racerback tops and boyleg bottoms. By having an athletic cut, lifeguard swimsuits evoke a sense of masculinity and authority, which is needed when you're working as a lifeguard.


    Can lifeguards wear two pieces?

    Yes, lifeguards can wear two-piece swimsuits as long as the cut, style, material, and color are approved by the government agency or the private entity that hires them. Two piece lifeguard swimsuits have been around for many years and are worn by lifeguards all over the world.

    What is a two-piece swimsuit called?

    According to the fashion industry, any two-piece swimsuit is called a bikini. Even if the cut is more sporty or athletic, it is called a bikini because it consists of a bikini top and a bikini bottom, albeit in a more sporty aesthetic.

    What does a lifeguard wear?

    A lifeguard wears a lifeguard-approved swimsuit when on duty. There are certain rules and restrictions when it comes to choosing a lifeguard swimsuit and it depends on the company or government agency that hires the lifeguards. Typically, these are swimsuits for women and swim shorts for men.

    How do I look good as a lifeguard?

    To look good as a lifeguard, you need to be fit. Lifeguards need to look fit and lean so swimmers and beach-goers are confident that they have the fitness level of a swimmer. A lifeguard needs to work out or at least have some level of physical fitness to look good as one. And since you're wearing a swimsuit, you need to tone your abdomen, arms, and legs.

    Why do lifeguards wear red?

    Lifeguards have been wearing red since the 1950s due to an order given out by the US National Park Services. They chose the color because it's bold and striking, making it easy to spot them in a crowd on the beach. It is also a color of authority, power, bravery, and courage, which are characteristics of what a lifeguard should have.