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Lap Counters

Are you looking for the best lap counter for swimming? Browse our wide range of top swimming pool equipment, swim lap counters, backstroke flags, pool starting blocks, swimming lane lines here at SwimOutlet. You'll no longer have to worry about experiencing that annoying moment when you realize you've lost count - you can just focus on your power, strokes, and technique while the lap counter does the math for you.


The best lap counters for swimmers


The lap counters on offer at SwimOutlet come from the industry's best brands, and range from the digital underwater lap counter for swimming, to standard poolside tracking systems. You can also find a selection of pro wireless pace clocks, ideal for swimmers and their coaches or trainers to accurately synchronize their swimming sessions. These models have a huge range of functions beyond just lap counting, including lap split display, relay exchanges display, hand turn speed, time display for repetitive sets, and 15 training modes for skill training.


Whereas if you're looking for a portable, budget-friendly option, we also stock handy keychain tally counters. These models work with a very simple push-button functionality, so all you've got to do is hit the button at the end of every lap. This small and durable model is a handy addition to any swimmer's kit bag.