Boys' Competition Swimwear

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Competition Swimsuits

Introducing competitive swimming to your little boy as early as now will definitely give him an advantage in the pool. For this, a nice set of boys' competition swimwear is a must-have. Recreational trunks and board shorts are perfect for a day at the beach or pool, but you need something more specialized when it comes to competitive swimming.


Boys' Athletic swimwear is typically designed to hug the body and provide support while swimming. This type of swimwear is also made to be quick-drying and durable, perfect for long training sessions. It comes in various designs and cuts, such as junior competition swimwear shorts, boys jammers, and briefs


We carry lines from Arena, Dolfin, Speedo, Nike, and TYR, so you can be sure that your little one is wearing the best and most up-to-date swimwear in the market. Choose between funky, bright prints to more subdued and traditional designs with various cuts allowing you to find the best option for your budding athlete.


Designed for Competitive Advantage


When you're looking for a good set of boys' competition swimwear, make sure to find something that is designed to give your little one an edge. This could be in the form of a specialized fabric that offers more support or coverage or even in the cut and style of the garment itself.


Drag reduction, for example, is a technology that most athletic swimwear brands use in their swimwear line. This helps reduce the amount of resistance your child feels when swimming, making them more efficient in the water. 


Different Sizes, for the Little or Big Boy


We carry sizes for both the little boy and the bigger boy. No need to worry about finding a good fit - we've got you covered. And, of course, all of our competition swimwear is made with quality materials and construction that will hold up against even the most vigorous swimming. 


Whether your child is swimming in a local meet or vying for a spot on the national team, SwimOutlet is here to help them achieve their competitive goals. Take a look at our competition swimwear for boys and find the perfect set for your little athlete!




What do male competitive swimmers wear?


Male competitive swimmers typically wear specialized competition swimwear, which can either be trunks, jammers, or briefs. 


What is the purpose of competitive swimwear?


What you wear in the water can make a difference in your performance. That's why competitive swimwear is designed to provide certain benefits, such as coverage and support, while also minimizing drag in the water. Competitive swimwear is mostly snug fitting and made from specialized fabrics ranging from quick-drying to stretchy.


What do boys wear for swim meets?


Whether for practice or swim meets, jammers and swimming trunks are two popular options for boys' swimwear. Trunks are often shorter and provide less coverage, while jammers are longer and more form-fitting. Whichever you choose, make sure it is designed for competition and offers the benefits of proper support and drag reduction.


What are swimsuits for boys called?


Swimsuits for boys are typically called trunks, board shorts, or athletic swimwear.