Girls' Spring Suits

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Spring Suits

SwimOutlet offers you the largest selection of girls' spring suits on the web today. We have carefully curated collections that feature a wide variety of sizes, colors, styles, and from different brands like Roxy, O'Neill, Billabong, Peak, RipCurl, and more.


Get ready for a sun-filled summer with your girls as they swim, surf, kayak, paddleboard, dive, snorkel, and enjoy a large range of water activities. The goal of a spring suit is to keep the upper body warm in cold water, so your girl can stay longer and enjoy hours and hours of water adventures.


Typically, spring suits are worn in moderate temperatures, i.e. when it's too cold or windy to wear a regular full suit or rashguard. For all of your spring suits or also known as shorty suit needs, you can trust that we are the best online store to have all brands, styles, and sizes. We guarantee you'll find the spring suit you're looking for, coupled with friendly and excellent 24/7 customer service for those impulse buys and last-minute purchases for your vacation.


Choosing A Spring Suit for Your Girl: Everything You Need to Know


A spring suit is also known as a shorty suit because it consists of a top with short sleeves and shorts that fall above the knee. Compared to full suits, spring suits offer moderate coverage. The material on the torso of the suit is usually thicker compared to the material on the arms and legs. This is because the purpose of a spring suit is to keep the body warm while giving maximum flexibility to the arms and legs.


When choosing a spring suit, you need to consider the weather of your location. The "spring" in spring suits refers to South California spring, and not Canada spring, so the warmth and protection they provide are moderate. If it's too cold, your little girl might need a full suit, and if it's too hot, your girl might need a rashguard instead.


In terms of fit and size, you must purchase your girl's exact size based on the brand's specific sizing chart. Different brands have different sizes so you must read their sizing guide thoroughly before making a purchase, especially since this shop is online, and you can't fit the suit before making the purchase.


Do not buy a size that's bigger than your girl's size. Typically, when shopping for kids' clothes, parents buy one size bigger since kids outgrow their clothes fast. But this shouldn't be the case for spring suits because they need to fit snuggly. To check if the fit is too loose once your girl wears it, try pinching the lower back of the suit. If there is barely any material to pinch, then the fit is good. If there's a lot of material to pinch, then it's too loose.


Picking the Best Style


SwimOutlet carries a big selection of girls' spring suits for you to choose from. We have different brands that offer pastel colors and prints, monochromatic suits with very little detail, as well as full-color suits your kids will love.


Some spring suits also come in full sleeves, while others come in short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, as well as short shorts, or cycling short lengths. Whatever style, print, and pattern you have in mind, you can rest assured that we are the biggest online shop online that offers the best spring suits you can find in the market today.