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Mesh Bags

Swimmers have to carry tons of gear in their swim bags to help them through the day. There was a time when we needed nothing more than a swimsuit and a pair of goggles. Swimmers now have to lug everything from paddles to fins to swim snorkels and the rest according to their individual preferences. Swim mesh bags are designed to carry loads of gear. They are your daily staple for swimming that get drenched, dropped and even stepped on regularly- yet they would keep up themselves while being water-resistant and adequately spacious for all your swimming implements.

How to choose the best swim mesh bags?

When trying to shop for the best swim equipment bag, you need to keep your eyes on the following aspects to pick the right piece for your needs. Here are some of them:

Size of the bag

Swimming mesh bags are typically measured by volume and the most commonly available size ranges between 25 and 35 liters. If you think you need to carry extra load, you can also go for the extra large size made for swimmers who prefer carrying everything in their bag.

Shape of the swim bag

Most swim mesh bags are available in the form of a backpack. It indicates that they come with padded shoulder straps for long-time wearing. Moreover, this shape is ergonomic and balanced to keep the weight of the bag horizontally to the bottom. Another important benefit of a backpack is that they keep your hands free. Those who don't prefer this design can also look for duffle bags.


When you are taking a bag for swimming, you will want separate compartments for keeping your valuables like keys, chains, smartphones and so on. The good quality swim mesh bags will have separate compartments so that they don't gravitate towards the bottom of the bag.


What is a mesh bag for swimming?

A mesh bag is a waterproof swim bag designed to store your swimming gear like swim fins, kickboard, swim paddles, pull buoy and similar others. These bags are generally taken to the end of the lane while swimming and keeping things organized. These bags are extremely handy for swimmers.

What is a swim bag?

A swim bag is meant for storing everything that you need to store the dry things like keys, smartphone, and also, clothing that you are going to wear underwater.

How big should a swim bag be?

As is already mentioned, the ideal size of a swim bag is between 40 and 49 liters. This is a medium size that can literally house all your swimming gear. Any size below 40 liters may be tight for your needs. But people who have less gear can go for it.

How can I make my sports bag smell better?

Tea bags are very effective in removing foul odor from your swim mesh fabric. While they are small In size, they can trap bad smells and suck up unwanted pleasantries with ease. You just have to keep kn replacing them from time to time.

Does the color of rash guard matter?

While there are so many aspects that you should be watchful of when choosing a rash guard, its color is something that can boil down to individual preferences.