Women's Tech Suits

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Women's Technical Suits

Women's Technical Racing Swimsuits

If you've made the decision to invest in a women's tech suit, but you're not sure where to begin your search, you're in the right place!

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Choosing Your Technical Swimsuit

There are a few decisions a swimmer needs to make before choosing a technical suit. Traditional or kneeskin? Open back or closed back? FINA approved or not?

Let's dive in! When it comes to performance and speed, a closed-back teach suit offers more compression and can lead to a faster swim, while an open-back tech suit can be more comfortable for first-time buyers and beginners.

That being said, the kneeskin style offers more coverage over your thighs, which can shave seconds off your time considering your quads are the biggest muscle used during swimming. 

Some of our best selling, highly regarded tech suit brands for women are:

1. Speedo tech suits

2. Arena tech suits

3. TYR tech suits

FINA Approved?

Does it need to be FINA approved? That depends. If you are only purchasing a tech suit for personal goals and advancement, no need! If you will be swimming at a competitive level, check with your swim organization about the FINA requirements of your racing suit.

If you are swimming at a competitive level, you want to be sure it meets the requirements of your swim organization or club. Some tech suits swimming banned so you will want to be sure before you buy!


Fitting your tech suit is a difficult task. It should be very tight, but not so tight that it restricts your range of motion.  Most swimmers go down one or two sizes for maximum compression in the water. You want the compression to be snug, but still comfortable. Note that the tech suit will stretch out some after you get into the water. 

The tech suit men's are easier to put on than women's because men's swimsuits just cover the bottom, while women's tech suits have to be pulled up around the midsection, chest, and arms.

Women must be especially careful when trying on their tech suit that they do not rip the fabric. Watching a tutorial before putting on your tech suit for the first time is highly recommended. 

Triathlon and Open Water Swimming

You can choose a tech suit or a women's wetsuit for triathlon and open water swims if you are not competing. Blueseventy is a well-known brand for triathletes with unique features for the deep blue sea.


  • How much does a tech suit cost?

Typically, women's tech suits range from $300 to $600 brand new while men's tech suits range from $150-$300.

  • Why are tech suits banned?

Tech suits are not banned in all cases. Please check with your local swimming organization on FINA requirements. 

  • Is a tech suit worth it?

Tech suits are designed to provide optimal compression and performance while you swim. They reduce your drag while increasing blood flow through your muscles giving you more power and speed.

  • How much does a swimming tech suit cost?

Tech suits are much more expensive than your average training and competition swimwear.