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Swim Dresses

We all know the feeling of wanting to look good at the beach. But sometimes, it feels like our options are limited. Bikinis are too small and occasionally daring for some people. You have a large wardrobe of one-piece swimsuits and wanted to try something else, and cover-ups are just too hot. So what's a girl to do?


When you're out for a summer vacation, what's the one most important thing when it comes to choosing swimwear? Comfort! We want to feel good and look great in what we're wearing. 


Brands like Nautica, Kate Spade, Jantzen, and Ceeb have some beautiful designs that will make you feel confident as you head to the beach or pool. SwimOutlet believes that the best swim dresses are those that fit your body, flattering your curves while covering up what you want to be covered. Brands like Miraclesuit specialize in slimming swim dress pieces for the ladies with a more voluptuous figure. 


Different Body Types


All women deserve the opportunity to buy a swim dress that represents their unique body type. Whether you're hunting for a swim dress with shorts, modest style swim dress, or ones that come with tummy control features, our wide range of selections will ensure that you find the perfect swim dress for your needs.


Curvy or slim - all women have different body types and should feel comfortable in their swimwear. Our dresses offer a way for all women to feel beautiful, no matter their shape or size.


Trendy Tips 101


What are the current trends in swim dress fashion? What styles should you be looking for when you're out shopping for a new swim dress? SwimOutlet wants to give every woman the power to look and feel their best at the beach, providing everyone a large selection of trendy swim dresses, no matter who you are, no matter your body type!


High-waisted dresses are all the rage right now, as they offer more coverage and a more timeless look. If you're looking to show off a little bit of skin, try a skater style or A-line dress that will flow gracefully with your curves. Halter neck swim dresses are also popular this season and are perfect for women who want to show a little bit of skin without feeling too exposed.


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Our vision at SwimOutlet is to make sure that every woman feels confident, wearing the correct fitting swimwear to let them feel their most beautiful. Check our latest collection of swimming apparel today! You're sure to find the perfect piece for your needs. 




What to wear for swimming for ladies?


A swim dress is a perfect choice for swimming if you're going for a more modest look. Two-piece tankinis and bikinis are great for those who are looking for a more daring look. Any swimsuit works best - as long as you feel confident and beautiful, that's what matters!


How do you swim in a swim dress?


Swimming in a swim dress is just like swimming in any other swimsuit. There's no need to change the way you swim!


Can you wear swim dresses in the pool?


We don't see why not! A swim dress is made to be worn in the water, so feel free to take a dip in the pool. They're not just meant for photos - made with breathable and quick-drying fabric, you'll stay comfortable the whole time.


Which dress is suitable for swimming?


There are a few things to consider when choosing a swim dress. First, think about the style that you're comfortable in. If you're not sure, take a look at our collection and find the perfect one for you. Second, think about the coverage that you want. A swim dress can provide more coverage than a bikini - perfect for those who want to keep a more modest look. 


What swimwear is most flattering?


There's no specific answer to this question as it depends on your body type. Look for swimwear that's designed to flatter your figure and make you feel confident. We recommend trying on different styles and finding the one that makes you feel your best.