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Best Swim Shorts For Boys

The months of summer are exciting, and almost everyone waits for them. However, there's no disputing the fact that children, especially, have a special affinity for summer. This is when your boys can run wild and take part in all sorts of outdoor activities.

As your boy explores all the functions of summer, they will undoubtedly need to cool off in a swimming pool. And what better way to enjoy the pool than with the best boys' sun protection swim shorts? These Swimoutlet best swim shorts for boys have been made with a free nature in mind.

The perfect swimsuit for boys

Whether you're going to the beach or a pool, the best way to enjoy the weather and water is with the right swim shorts. Ideally, you want something to protect you from the sun and yet light enough to move through the water.

The boys' sun protection swim shorts collection is the perfect place to get your growing boys the right swimwear. We work with leading brands to ensure you have the best quality in all things dealing with swimwear.

Some of the brands we closely work with include Level Six, Xcel, and Platypus Australia. Some of the features that make Swimoutlet the best swim shorts for boys are unique; also has various products that are suitable for your many needs. For instance, we offer water activity essentials like swimwear, rash guards, wetsuits, swim gear, and more in our online catalog. We also provide other products like clothing and sports essentials perfect for all kids and adults.

Sun protection properties

Our swim shorts for boys come with sun protection to protect against harmful UV rays. The trend to have protection in kids' UV swimwear is growing, and we are among the leading outlets with protective swimwear. The sun protection for swimming ensures your boys can enjoy the great outdoors with an extra layer of protection from the sun.

The right fit

Boys grow quickly, and yours might already be outgrowing their current swim shorts. Fortunately, we have a diverse selection of boys' sun protection swim shorts to choose from.

Breathable material

Your child will likely spend most of the summer at a pool or beach. This makes breathable swimwear one of the factors to consider when buying a

new pair. The swim shorts should not cling too much to your child as they move around.


Why do boys swim shorts have netting?

Most boys' swim shorts have a small netting mesh that acts as a protective barrier for the genitals. As you move around, the mesh protects the genitals from chaffing. The mesh also holds the male's genitals when swimming so as to reduce the likelihood of an accident.

What swimsuit material is most chlorine-resistant?

Most modern materials used to make swimsuits are chlorine-resistant. However, it is wise to check the label on the swimwear to make sure it has chlorine protection features. Generally speaking, Polyester is the best material to use in a chlorine pool. Polyester contains PBT, which helps preserve the fabric's quality.

Why do boys' swim trunks have mesh liners?

The mesh lining in boys' swim trunks is useful when protecting the genitals from chafing due to contact with the short's material. Most fabrics would be uncomfortable for the sensitive genital area.

What's the difference between swim shorts and swim trunks?

Both these terms are often used interchangeably. Broadly speaking, swim trunks have wider legs and are slightly longer than swim shorts. Sometimes, the naming is down to the brand's preference and the material used.