Women's Lifeguard Tops

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Women's Lifeguard Tops

Women lifeguards are often seen wearing red swimsuits but they wear more than just swimwear when on duty. We have a full range of lifeguard tops that range from fitted tees to tank tops, as well as sporty bikini tops that have molded cups for more support. SwimOutlet carries the best brands that offer lifeguard clothing and swimwear, and we are proud to show you our carefully curated collections that offer everything for lifeguard essentials.

As the biggest online retailer of swimwear, SwimOutlet presents a wide selection of options for lifeguards and their employers to choose from. We are proud of our brand partners and we can guarantee that we only work with names that produce high-quality lifeguard tops that are made to last.

Browse through our collections and we ensure you'll find something that meets what you're looking for.

Different Types of Lifeguard Tops for Out-of-Water Activities

When lifeguards are not on patrol for drowning alerts, they wear comfortable clothes that still distinguish them from the crowd. Some of these are tank tops and t-shirts, while others are bikini tops with sporty cuts. Here are some of the most popular women’s lifeguard tops to choose from:

  • Lifeguard Tank Top
  • This is our bestselling item on the site and it's made by one of the most well-known athletic swimwear brands in the market. Women's lifeguard tops are a great choice for as it offers comfort and style. Available in cotton, it's the perfect out-of-water top that lifeguards can easily take off when an emergency takes place.

  • Lifeguard Fitted Tees
  • Whether you're training, in a meeting, or checking your equipment, a fitted tee is the next best thing to a tank top. It's made of cotton, breathable, and when it features a lifeguard logo or a red cross print, helps beachgoers to identify you as a life-saving lifeguard on duty.

  • Lifeguard Hoodies
  • Hoodies are great for beaches that have strong winds. It helps to keep lifeguards warm while patrolling the beach or checking out the crowd on the beach.

  • Bikini Tops
  • Bikini tops that look like sports bras are also great lifeguard tops that are functional, comfortable, and stylish at the same time.


    What clothes do lifeguards wear?

    Lifeguards are often wearing swimsuits but when it comes to other duties such as training, meetings, doing paperwork, patrolling, and other duties that don't involve water-based activities, they wear tank tops, t-shirts, hoodies, or bikini tops.

    How do I look good as a lifeguard?

    Look good as a lifeguard by becoming fit. You can hit the gym, jog, work out on your own, do yoga, or pilates, or simply lift weights to tone your muscles. It also doesn't hurt to do sit-ups and ab workouts so you can have a flatter core, which can also help you with your endurance and stamina.

    Do lifeguards wear tank tops?

    Yes, women's lifeguards wear tank tops that fit well and are printed with the 'Lifeguard' or 'Guard' print to signify that they are lifeguards on duty even when their swimsuits are not visible.

    Do lifeguards have to wear red?

    No, lifeguards don't have to wear red, it depends on the company or the government entity they belong to. Some lifeguards wear gray, navy blue, or white. Red is mostly worn, though, because this was commissioned by the National Park Service in the 1950s to help distinguish lifeguards from crowds as red is a bright and bold color.