One Piece Lifeguard Swimsuits

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One Piece Swimsuits

One Piece Lifeguard Swimsuits

One piece lifeguard swimsuits are the conventional choice for women lifeguards. It is the most traditional lifeguard swimwear that's often seen in movies, on public beaches, and in public swimming pools all over the United States. While some companies and government agencies provide uniform swimsuits to their lifeguards, some allow their employees to buy their own swimwear, as long as they adhere to their specific dress code.

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Styles of One Piece Lifeguard Swimsuits

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually choose different styles of your lifeguard swimsuit. Though there are rules, such as choosing a durable material, avoiding sexier cuts, and making sure the style is appropriate, there are different styles of one-piece swimsuits you can choose from for your lifeguard needs. Here are some of the most popular styles of lifeguard swimwear:

  • Scoop Neck, Low Back Swimsuits
  • This is the most popular style for one-piece swimsuits worn by lifeguards. It consists of a low neckline, two thick straps, a low back, and classic briefs on the bottom. This is also a popular style for professional swimmers as it offers a great range of motion, comfort, ample coverage, prevents back chafing and stays in place.

  • Racerback Swimsuits
  • The racerback swimsuit is another style that has become popular recently. The back features the classic racerback cut, which is popular among athletes. It offers more security and frees up the shoulder blades while adding more coverage than a low-back swimsuit.

  • Thin-Strap Swimsuits
  • The thin-strap one-piece swimsuit is more comfortable with thin spaghetti straps, more exposure on the upper chest and shoulders, as well as giving more range of motion, as well as a low back. Though the straps are thin, some lifeguard one piece with padding swimsuits offer more support for the bust.


    What swimsuits do lifeguards wear?

    Lifeguards can wear one-piece or two-piece swimsuits that are more functional than stylish. There are rules for lifeguard-approved swimwear, depending on the company or the government entity that hires the lifeguards. Some of the factors for swimsuit approval include the color, material, and cut of the swimsuit.

    What body type looks good in a one piece swimsuit?

    Someone who doesn't have a lot of problem areas will look good in a one-piece swimsuit. Plain one-piece suits highlight the tummy area and the bust, so if you have large breasts and a large tummy area, it will be highlighted with a plain spandex suit. However, a one-piece suit with pads, ruffles, or patterns can work well with women who have torso problem areas. It all depends on the style of the one-piece swimwear.

    How do you choose a one-piece swimsuit?

    To choose the best one-piece swimsuit for your body, you need to learn about your body type and the cuts and styles that work best for you. If you're bottom-heavy, don't choose a swimsuit that has wider hips, such as a boyleg bottom. Choose one that has a high cut to elongate your legs and make your hips look narrow. If you are petite, don't choose a one-piece swimsuit that has a lot of frills because the details will make you look smaller and drown you out.

    Why do lifeguards wear one piece swimsuits?

    Some lifeguards prefer to wear one-piece swimsuits because these offer more comfort and security. There is no fear that the top will come out or the bottom will push down the hips when you're vigorously swimming to save a swimmer in the water.

    Why do lifeguards wear red?

    Lifeguards have been wearing red since the 50s because it was ordered by the National Park Services of the United States. They chose red because it signifies authority and courage, traits that lifeguards emulate. However, new colors are also approved for lifeguards to wear, such as navy blue.