Men's Tech Suits

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Men's Tech Suits

Unlock your optimal swimming performance with SwimOutlet's extensive offer of the best mens tech suits. Experience firsthand how some of the best swimmers the likes of Michael Phelps have managed to break world records with this quite unique garment.

If you want to participate in a variety of water-based activities, what swimsuit is best? Do you require a swimsuit for swimming, poolside relaxation, yacht cruise, or for engaging in athletic competition? When such is the case, you have arrived at the ideal online location. SwimOutlet is the largest online retailer of swimwear, offering a huge selection of swimsuits, bikini tops, bottoms, tankinis, wetsuits, rash guards, as well as clothes, accessories, shoes, and other items. SwimOutlet is the place to go for all things bathing suits if you enjoy the beach and other water-based activities.

A Variety of Tiers

Whether you're a beginner or a professional, you'll be able to choose a product that best fits your skill level since our available categories range from entry-level to elite. If you want to bring along your little one, you can do so by acquiring a suit that belongs to the 12 & under approved category.

As far as brands go, the collection at SwimOutlet includes Arena, Speedo, and other renowned labels. They exclusively use materials that have been shown to improve swimming performance by up to 4%. Durability and efficiency are characteristics that you can count on.

The Science Is On Your Side

Tech suit swimming underwent multiple studies which have proven its supremacy compared to an unequipped alternative. They play a big role in your mental approach to the swimming sessions, causing an indirect effect on overall performance. Their compression effects will keep your muscles at their peak by promoting blood flow and decreasing stiffness. If you struggle with soreness after swims, they can be invaluable.

All of the mens tech suits streamline towards the body's natural position - you won't even feel they're on. These suits have virtually no downsides, especially if you pay enough attention while choosing the size.

The most valuable way of acquiring all of your necessary gear is by joining our SwimOutlet+ club. Membership grants you early access to the newest releases of our chosen brands, earns you a 5% reward credit on each purchase, and provides free 2-day shipping on orders over $150 inside the US!


What tech suits are the best?

It all depends on what type of swimming you're aiming for. However, if you're a beginner, you can't go wrong with Speedo's Aquablade Jammer Tech series. For elite swimmers, TYR's Venzo Camo is a solid choice.

What is the best material for a tech suit?

Lycra is the most commonly used variation of elastane/spandex for this swimming garment, and it's also the best. It fits tightly to your skin and repels water which helps it remain comfortable even during long swimming sessions.

Are mens tech suits worth it?

Yes. Even if you're not interested in competing, they can improve your stroke in a variety of ways while increasing muscle activation. Entry-level suits are quite affordable as well, so you won't have to worry if you're on a low budget.

How do I choose a tech suit?

Ensure that it'll be a good fit by measuring yourself and comparing it to our SwimOutlet size chart. If you're going to use it for competitive purposes, make sure to get in a few practice sessions beforehand.

Should you size down in tech suits?

Certain swimmers can go down by two sizes for their tech suits. However, this varies depending on the brand, so it's better to do some additional research before you decide - if you go overly small, it could tear easily.