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What is the difference between a life jacket and a life vest?

None! 'Life jacket' and 'life vest' are synonymous and both refer to the same thing: a personal flotation device (PFD) that is best-shaped and worn to prevent drowning and different types of accidents on the water.

What is a life jacket and what are its uses?

A life jacket is a protective device created to prevent people from drowning. They are often available on boats, and large ships often have multiple jackets in case of an emergency.It is important to note that they're not just useful when you're submerged in water - if you're on a small boat, water scooter, or other types of watercraft, they'll also provide an extra measure of protection in case you fall into the water. Good life jackets for kayaking are of particular importance, given how easy it can be to have a life-threatening accident while in a fragile and thin kayak.The best jackets will save your life by keeping you afloat even if you're not swimming and will always keep your head facing the sky, that way your head, mouth, and nose will be above water to get oxygen. They'll do this even if you're unconscious, so you won't die if you lose consciousness.And, of course, a PFD will also be useful if you don't know how to swim and help you when you're just learning to swim.

What type of life jacket is best?

Different jackets will have different properties, so finding the best one will depend on your needs. If you're on calm waters, we recommend the low-buoyancy USA Type 2 Adult Life Jacket. If you're a woman and you want the jacket to be as comfortable as possible, go for the Women's Cruiser USCG PFD. Traits like color/visibility, buoyancy level, and size are the main ones you should analyze.

What life jacket has the most buoyancy?

Most of our life jackets are equally as buoyant and will keep you perfectly safe in any dangerous scenario. There are only a few exceptions like the aforementioned USA Type 2, which is less buoyant than usual.

Why is wearing a life jacket important?

They save lives. Period. Every year thousands of deaths and accidents are prevented by the usage of a PFD. And while many people recklessly go into areas of risk without a life jacket, thinking 'nothing bad will happen to me', this kind of behavior only results in more tragedy.And remember, even when the weather looks perfectly stable and calm, or when the weather forecast predicts good weather, you can never be a hundred percent certain about how the weather will be. The climate can be unpredictable, and chaotic, so it is preferable to always have a life jacket handy. As the famous saying goes: better safe than sorry.