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Swimming Caps

Swim cap is perfect for anyone with long hair who wants their beautiful strands to not get in the way of swimming, as well as for anyone who wants to keep their head warm during a cold swim, and even for those who want to increase their swimming performance on the water.

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Keep Water Out of Your Ears

Anyone who's had their ears filled with water while swimming knows how obnoxious it can be! It's like everything you hear gets muffled, it can give an uncomfortable or even painful feeling, and can be difficult to remove.

With a swim cap partially (or fully) covering your ears, you can protect them while on the water and not have to get worried about water entering your ears. It acts as an earplug of sorts.

Fun Swim Caps

At SwimOutlet, you can find a wide variety of designs and colors for different caps, including fun and vibrant ones.


Which type of swim cap is best?

Latex and silicone are the best types of caps on the market. Both materials provide a tight fit

Which is better: latex or silicone swim cap?

Latex and silicone each have their own characteristics that will determine which one is best for your circumstance.Latex swim caps are great for warm water since, have a tighter fit if you have trouble with your swim cap fitting you or falling off all the time, and are generally better for athletic performances. The downside is that they rip more often, so they last for less time, and some people are allergic to latex.Silicone swim caps are ideal for cold water, are looser and a little more comfortable, they rarely rip, are allergy and odor-free, and tend to last for a longer time than latex caps. They're great for more casual or recreational swimming activities, but if you want the best swimming performance you'll generally prefer a latex swim cap.

Are there any swimming caps that keep your hair dry?

Swimming caps do not typically keep your hair dry, as opposed to common belief, but most caps do reduce how much water gets into your hair, which has a variety of benefits, like reducing contact with a pool's chlorine, for instance, which can damage your hair and scalp. Some caps, however, are better than others for keeping your hair dry, and a good waterproof swim cap will be your best friend when you want to keep your hair as dry as possibleIf you want more confidence that your hair will be kept dry, you can try 'double capping', which is a technique where you use two different caps at once (one inner cap over the ears with a swim cap with a chin strap and an inner seal on top of it).

Should you wet your hair before putting on a swim cap?

Yes! But you don't have to. Wetting your hair and head before putting on a swim cap is good because it can more easily slide into a comfortable position. Not only that, but since it requires less trouble and less stretching of the swim cap, you won't get cases where you stretch your swim cap so hard that it rips.