Men's Water Polo Suits

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Water Polo Suits

Men's water polo suits are designed with optimal performance in mind. They're hydrodynamic, allow for maximum leg mobility, and prevent opponents grabbing onto excess material. We know the suits water polo players need in order to get the most out of their games, tournaments, or practice sessions, so our collection prioritizes durability and reliability with every design.


Our extensive selection of suits includes highly respected brand names in the field, such as Turbo, Nike, Adidas, Dolfin, and  Swimwear, ensuring our customers invest in the highest quality suits for the best prices. Our collection of men's water polo briefs, swim jammers and tech suits will suit a wide range of budgets, so we've got you covered for your casual games and practices, as well as formal tournaments and competitions. 


The unique colors and designs we offer will make sure you are looking fun and fresh, whether you are poolside or mid-game.


Choosing your suit


Although men's water polo suits may look similar to standard swim briefs upon first glance, they actually feature different cuts, seams, and fabrics designed to boost your underwater performance. The cut of water polo briefs typically features a thicker seam, so that opponents cannot grab onto them during a game. The thicker fabric also allows for more comfort and mobility under water. 


The water polo suits we offer are all made with top quality fabrics such as Spandex, polyester, polyester blends, or LYCRA. All of these fabrics are chosen especially for their durability when faced with elements such as chlorine, sunlight, and constant wear and tear. Some players may find that they have a preference for one particular fabric - if so, be rest assured that we've got you covered.


We also stock suits that are both fully lined or front-lined, and all suits feature the signature drawstring waists - many of which are flat drawstrings for extra comfort while playing.


Fun patterns and graphics


Our suits range from the plain and professional to the bold and vibrant! A lot of water polo players enjoy expressing their affiliations to their nationality through the graphics on their briefs, so we stock several styles paying homage to certain countries. Other styles feature colorful, loud and proud graphics that are sure to make waves down at the pool.