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Get rescue ready with lifeguarding swimwear and clothing designed to make lifeguards look and feel comfortable and confident on duty.

Looking to become a lifeguard? Lifeguard certification is a big responsibility, but if you're a strong swimmer and love water safety, it can be a very rewarding job. Whether you plan to guard a swimming pool, waterpark, or a YMCA summer camp, you will have to complete a lifeguard training program or a lifeguard course.

In your lifeguarding course, you will have to demonstrate advanced swimming skills such as front crawl, breaststroke and prove you can tread water for extended periods of time. Then you will learn first aid, AED operation, and proper water rescue techniques.

Once you pass the course, it's time to start thinking about your uniform and personal safety equipment. Any professional rescuer knows how important it is to have reliable rescue equipment in an emergency. For lifeguards, that means a long-lasting, comfortable bathing suit, whistle, a hip pack, and of course, sunscreen! With all the latest from top brands like Sporti, Kemp, Waterpro, Speedo, TYR, Dolfin, Fox40, and LINE2Design, you're sure to find everything you need for your lifeguard training course or recertification.