Women's Lifeguard Headwear

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Are you looking for headwear that will protect your head from the unforgiving rays of the sun? While your daily dose of sunscreen and sun-protection garment is on point, you cannot underestimate the strength of the women's lifeguard headwear in sun protection. According to the experts, wearing clothing endowed with sun protection is an efficient means of shielding yourself from the UV rays. The Center for Disease Control and Skin Cancer Foundation suggest that clothing is the first line of defense against sun damage.

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How to choose the best women's lifeguard headwear

Before you spend time outside during the day, it's important that you put on headwear. But did you know that all headwear are not created equal? The most popular head caps are those with a mesh pattern or made of straw as you find in headwear commonly. That's why UPF head gears along with similar clothing is a great addition to your summer wardrobe. Let's take a look at the aspects that can make your shopping successful:

The original lifeguard hat with UPF rating

An effective UPF hat will be tightly woven in a manner so that the sun's harmful rays cannot penetrate it. You should check the UPF rating to ensure good sun protection. It must have a minimum of UPF 25 and the higher, the better.

Design of the hat

While you take a close look at the functionality of your hat, it's important that the style and design fit you. You have to look cool while you stay cool wearing the women's lifeguard headwear. Make sure that your chosen hat creates an innovative style statement for your outfit.


What's the best hat for sun protection?

When choosing a hat to maximize sun protection, the best lifeguard hat should be able to protect your face, neck, ears, and head. For this, you should opt for a hat with a wider brim or a legionnaire style hat for an enhanced protection.

What's a good beach hat?

Wide-brimmed hats capable of surrounding the head and covering the maximum part of the neck and sides of the face are good beach hats. Some caps tend to cover the face and forehead which leaves a major part of the face vulnerable to sun damage.

What material is a sunhat?

The best lifeguard hat is made from threads of polyester fiber and stitched craftily to make a polybraid hat. These hats are resistant to crush, breathable and good for traveling. Sunhats are produced from a variety of materials and you can choose one according to your style and preferences.

What type of hat is best for hot weather?

For hot and sunny days, a straw hat can be your best companion. You will reap the benefits of this floppy and hand-woven womens straw lifeguard hat. They are lightweight and breathe well. Most importantly, they can create a good strip of shade for maximizing sun coverage.

What is a beach hat called?

As is mentioned, the best hats for sun protection are wide-brimmed sun hats with at least 3 inches width to give optimum sun protection. They are known by several names including straw boater, boater hat and skimmer.