Women's Wetsuit Bottoms

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Now that summer's here, it's time to get out and play your favorite summer activities with family and friends, and have fun! 


Get in the right spirit for summer fun by wearing the right women's wetsuit bottoms and matching tops. Look stylish in different women's wetsuits to fit your mood for the day! 


Choose from a wide collection of SwimOutlet's wetsuit skinny legs, capri pants, swim tights, and neoprene pants and shorts for your every activity and sport. 


Are wetsuit bottoms only for water activities?


Since wetsuits are specifically designed for body insulation and protection from strong water currents and powerful waves, then wetsuit bottoms are ideally suited for water activities. However, this does not prevent you from wearing them out of the water if you're comfortable with them. 


Why are they called Neoprene pants or Neoprene leggings?


They're also called Neoprene pants or Neoprene leggings from the material most wetsuits are made of-- Neoprene. It's a synthetic rubber material favored by wetsuit manufacturers for its stretchiness, flexibility, and buoyancy. 


Neoprene wetsuits come in different designs, colors, sizes, and thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 6mm. Most Neoprene wetsuits are made of laminated foam. Some are made of skin and flex foams, but these are vulnerable to cutting and abrasions. 


The highest-quality Neoprene is Yamamoto Neoprene, which can stretch from 450% to 600% more than human skin. It has a denser structure than regular neoprene materials, is strong, light, and flexible, and provides superior thermal insulation. 


What wetsuit bottom thickness should I wear?


Generally, wetsuit bottoms are used in 75-degree-Fahrenheit (24-degree-Celsius) water temperatures during summertime, so the thinnest (1-3mm) will be enough.


Thinner neoprenes are used for the extremities (arms and legs) to provide more flexibility since you keep moving them and they also don't need as much heat insulation as your torso. 


How thick your wetsuit bottom needs to be depends on the temperature of the waters you will be wearing it in, as well as the kind of water activities you will be doing. Wetsuit thickness affects both warmth and flexibility. 


You will often see wetsuits displayed with numbers like 4/3 or 3/2, which are the industry standard you can start with. The first number often refers to the torso area of the body and the second number to the extremities area. So, for 4/3, you have a wetsuit that's 4mm thick around the torso (including your behind) and 3mm thick for the legs.


Wetsuits with 3/2 thickness are recommended for water temperatures between 58 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit (14 to 24 degrees Celsius), while wetsuits with 4/6 thickness are recommended for water temperatures of 52 to 63 degrees Fahrenheit (11 to 17 degrees Celsius). 


What are the benefits of women’s wetsuit bottoms?


If you want freedom and flexibility while in the water, allowing your legs to move freely for swimming or diving, then wetsuit bottoms with 

A vest or jacket are recommended for you. They're also easier to put on and take off than one-piece fullsuit wetsuit versions.


Choose from SwimOutlet's variety of popular brands in women's wetsuit bottoms like Billabong, Body Glove, and Rip Curl.


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