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Womens Swimskins

Are you a triathlete looking for top-quality womens swimskins? Then you've come to the right place. We offer a wide range of swimskins from the best brands recommended by professional triathletes. These brands include Blueseventy, Arena, TYR, and Speedo, which offer the best quality swimskins in the market today. We also carry tri-suits for women, as well as a wide range of wetsuits from surf brands Roxy, Billabong, and O'Neill.

SwimOutlet is the largest online shop for swimwear with a broad range of performance wear for all kinds of water-based activities. We take pride in carefully curating the best collections, only carrying high-quality triathlete swimwear needs that are used in actual races.

Whether you're looking for tri suits, women's wetsuits, or womens swimskins, we have it in store for you here at SwimOutlet.

What Makes a Good Swimskin?

If this is your first time looking for swimskins, then you're in luck. We have listed three factors that make a swimskin high quality, so you can determine whether a particular piece is worth the price.

Here are three important details a good quality swimskin must have:

  • Advanced Welded Seams
  • Stitched seams are a no-no for swimskins because this type of swimwear provides the wearer with the opportunity for a lot of movement. Stitched seams are easy to break but advanced welded seams that have been melted to connect the panels of material are more durable and long-lasting.

  • Innovative Swimskin Fabric
  • Swimskins don't have regular fabrics. They don't even use fabric found in tri-suit women's swimwear. The materials used for swimskins are made of heat-bonded, light hydroponic materials that are woven together and offer more compression on the legs.

  • Double Fabric Technology
  • Top-quality swimskins feature double-layer technology that features a hydrophilic outer layer and a hydrophobic inner layer. Hydrophilic means the exterior fabric works with water to help improve speed and reduce drag. The hydrophobic layer material ensures the wearer maintains dryness under the swimskin.


    Are Swimskins worth it?

    Yes, swimskins are worth it when you're a triathlete who races in warm weather. A wetsuit may be too warm to wear in warmer weather, which makes a swimskin worth it. It adds speed to your swim, reduces drag, and fits snugly for an ultra comfortable fit.

    What is the difference between a swimskin and a wetsuit?

    A swimskin is made of thinner material that does not do anything to the body except make it easier for you to swim in open water. A wetsuit is thicker, typically made of neoprene, and designed to add warmth and buoyancy to your body. A wetsuit can also have sleeves, made of longer leg coverage, and made for colder temperatures.

    Does a swimskin add warmth?

    No, a swimskin doesn't add warmth. The material used in swimskins is light and thin. They feel like a second skin on the body, and when you wear one on a swim, it will feel like you're not wearing anything.

    Do you wear a tri-suit under a swimskin?

    In colder temperatures, you can wear a swimskin over your tri suit but you must remove it when you're out of the water. The swim skin reduces drag and helps to speed up your swim, which a tri suit is not made for. For warmer weather, you don't need to wear anything under a swimskin except for a bikini top and bottom.