Men's Square Leg Swimwear

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Square Leg

More About Men's Square Leg Swimwear


The perfect combination of comfort and coverage, our range of men's square leg swimsuits will take you from recreational swimming to competitions and tournaments in style. 


Men's square leg swimwear is a type of swimsuit that can be best described as somewhere between a swim brief and a jammer. They are a form-fitting short that offers similar support, mobility, and minimal drag to traditional swim briefs, but with a little more thigh coverage like a jammer. The cut of square leg swimsuits means that they are ideal for swimmers seeking more comfortable coverage than standard swim briefs or polo briefs, while still meeting all of the performance standards to see them through their training and competition needs.


SwimOutlet offers one of the widest ranges of square leg swimwear, including sporty designs in addition to more colorful, trendy styles. You can find suits from some of the most popular and respected brand names in the industry, such as Adidas, Sporti, Speedo, Nike, Dolfin and Funky Trunks.


Finding the right square leg swimwear for you has never been easier with SwimOutlet's inclusive sizing options and affordable pricing - so you can look good and feel great poolside!


High performance styles and fabrics


Men's square leg fit swimwear can come in a variety of fabrics ranging from Lycra, to Nylon, Polyester and Polymesh. These fabrics are chosen for their comfortability, durability, and performance. Styles made with a blend of Lycra and Nylon ensure that the swimsuit will fit close to the skin for seamless movement through the water, while also not chafing the skin. The Polymesh styles add extra drag and resistance that will enhance your swim training, while drying quickly between uses. These materials all boast durable qualities including protection against chlorine, sunscreen, heat, water and more. Some of the styles stocked at SwimOutlet even boast 100% chlorine-proofing and over 300 hours of performance.


It's common for all men's square leg swimwear styles to share the same qualities of fit, so you can expect an adjustable drawstring waist with a flat cord that lies comfortably against the body. Square leg styles are also typically fully-lined for coverage, and some even feature double lining and a stitched front pouch for added room.


Square leg swimwear sizing


Men's square leg swimsuit sizing can vary from brand to brand. Some brands such as Sporti use European sizing which is based on waist size in inches. While other brands such as Speedo may use traditional XS-XL sizing. For the best fit, it is recommended to check the size guide and make sure you're familiar with your current waist and hip measurements in inches. You can do this with a soft measuring tape on your bare skin, being careful not to create an indent as you need to leave room for the fabric.