Rescue Cans

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Rescue Cans

Rescue Cans


Lifeguards are in charge of safety - and they need every bit of help to make sure everyone is safe and sound on the water! A lifeguard rescue can and ring bouys are an essential item that can prevent something terrible from happening. By using them, a lifeguard can float and help people in trouble do the same.


Small can, big help


The Burnside rescue can may seem too small to help - but carrying one around can make a big difference when someone needs help. A rescue can will help the average person stay afloat, no matter how much of a size difference there is between them.


Rescuing made easy


Having to rescue someone on the water is a tough and tense moment. At SwimOutlet, we want you to have every tool at your disposal to make that rescue happen. We have more than one rescue can for sale because of that.


The classic option to help people


We have the Baywatch rescue we all know and love in our store for you to buy today! Even though it won't help you run in slow motion, you can use it to help others stay safe on the water - and bring them back to the shore when they can't do it on their own. That'll make you a superstar in real life!