Men's Drysuits

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Men's drysuits are no doubt one of the best investments that every watersport enthusiast or training athlete can make. With Swim Outlet's  drysuits collection, get ready to find the best men's drysuit online that will not just keep you comfortable during your long dives but also last for years. 


Swim Outlet men's drysuit collection showcases high-quality drysuits that are guaranteed durable, dependable, and worth every penny, Our  drysuits are all selected with quality in mind. Swimoutlet drysuits collection carries reputable brands like O'Neill and Level Six to bring you the best drysuits that are fit for all your watersport needs!


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How to Choose the Best Men's Drysuits - The Ultimate Guide


Drysuits are waterproof underwater garments that provide thermal protection for cold water diving. It provides divers with longer and more comfortable dives to various destinations underwater. 


Men's drysuits are useful, practical, and suitable to use all year round. However, drysuits are not made equal, and choosing one that suits you is no easy task. Hence, we are here to help. Below we've listed the most important things you should do when shopping for a drysuit so you can make the best purchase decision.


Find the Perfect Fit


Fit matters when it comes to choosing a drysuit. A drysuit that is too small for your size can feel too tight and cause discomfort as you descend. On the other hand, drysuits that are too big for you have extra space inside which is hard to heat. This inhibits the thermal benefits of the suit and can lead to a colder drysuit.


Therefore, finding a drysuit that fits perfectly matters to ensure your comfort and the suit's ability to provide heat.


Choose the Right Type


Drysuits come in two different types namely membrane or laminate and neoprene drysuits. 


Membrane or laminate drysuits are made with thin material and provide relatively less insulation. They are specifically designed to just keep you dry. They are best used in moderately cold water. If you are thinking of buying a membrane drysuit, we suggest buying a drysuit garment that you can wear underneath. This can provide a layer of thermal protection so you can feel warm despite the thin material.


The second type of drysuit is the neoprene drysuit. This drysuit is made with thick material and offers thermal protection even in very cold waters. However, they are heavier to swim with. 


Check if the drysuit requires a P-valve


A p-valve is usually installed on the inner thigh through a small hole. This drysuit accessory is used to pass fluids outside of your suit. With a p-valve, you won't need to remove your entire suit when you need to urinate. It works by passing the urine from the attached condom catheter for men or a cup-like device for women, down the tube, and outside the suit through the valve.