Swimming Pool Storage

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We know how much goes into keeping everyone having fun and staying safe near the pool - and we know you can't leave your things lying all over the place! If you want to have a neat and nicely organized time near the water, we have the perfect products for you.

SwimOutlet has a wide range of swimming pool supplies to keep every item safe and stored, so you waste no time looking for them or losing them! At the same time, you'll avoid having stuff near the pool - where people can trip and take an unwanted turn on the water.


Compact yet great size 


Although they may seem small- or medium-sized, our storage containers have more than enough space for you to put everything in there!

Do you have goggles, vests, or anything else? There's no need to go out looking for them one at a time - when you can place them inside one of our big storage boxes and keep everything in one place.

That's the trick to having a great time at the pool: lose no time looking for what you want - and spend the most on the water!


Get more space around the pool


Your new swimming pool storage containers have more than enough space to hold everything you have - that will help you have more room around the pool too! That may seem like a small detail until you realize how big the surrounding space of your swimming pool truly is.

Now that you have more room to do stuff around the pool, new opportunities will arise. And even if you do nothing with all that new space - you will have peace of mind that nobody will trip next to the water.


Move stuff around with no effort


At SwimOutlet, we're always thinking about new ways to make your time on the water better than before. That's why we're constantly looking for new ideas and products you can enjoy. We know how difficult carrying things at the end of a long day is - especially if you were at the pool for the past couple of hours.

Does carrying around plenty of stuff seem like too much? Well, it's nothing like that when you have wheels under your Intex pool storage container! That's right: there's no need to strain your back carrying around anything when you can simply push it around the pool.


Avoid accidents and always have a good time


We have plenty of storage products and pool storage ideas you can use - but the main gist is this: get more space around your pool to avoid tripping hazards near the water. 

Put everything you're not using inside the storage container and easily move it around! That way, you'll have no unlucky folks falling on the water - and lifeguards having to jump in to rescue them.

At SwimOutlet, we invest in safety. Putting everything in an extra large pool storage box will help you have no extra large problems in the future!