Pool Floats

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Floats & Inflatables

Let me simply explain to you what these are. When you're learning how to swim for the first time these gear are the most commonly used item by instructors as they act not only as a literal lifesaver but give you that confidence that you need and want. It's not just for people who want to relax with ease and just float, float, float - it's for everyone who wants to enjoy their time in the water.

At SwimOutlet, we specialize in a wide selection of swimming gear catered to casual swimmers, professional swimmers, and of course, brand new. Let this article be your guide to everything you need to know about pool float.

There are two most commonly used types:

  • Inflatable arm bands which can be worn around the swimmer's arms
  • Inflatable rings are used to give you confidence or if you just want to laze around
  • We have other types of floats as well.

    Floats for Adults

    If you are someone who's looking to relax in the pool, these are perfect for you as they give you a way to relax, chill and unwind after a long day's work or with your friends. They add style and personality to your outdoor pool. Some of our floats for adults here at SwimOutlet even have an adjustable backseat and cup holder, so you can spend more time relaxing in the pool than on the ground.

    Foam Pool Float

    Foam pool floats are unique as they offer more buoyancy, comfort, and ease of use compared to others which means they provide full body support while you lazily drift around the water.

    Pool Floats for Kids

    With proper supervision and the right device, there's nothing stopping your kids from having fun. Not only will your children love these floats for their cute and friendly creative designs but they will keep them safe all while inspiring them with creativity, to engage their imagination with the wonderful sea creature designs. And, these floats can even help your children feel more comfortable swimming with fish.


    Which is the best pool floater?

    The Monterey Hammock type is the best. It is the most versatile floater available. It can be used as a drifter, a lounger, a support mesh lining, and even an exercise saddle.

    What are the five types of pool float?

    Please note that these are the 5 most commonly used types that come in a wide array of designs, colors, and patterns.Pool floats & loungersThese allow you to stretch your back and kick your way to glide on the water while enjoying the sun. Some designs can accommodate 2-4 people, allowing more people to enjoy chilling in the water together. Pool mattressesA pool mattress is a special kind of mattress that has strategically placed holes in its design specifically for pools. The holes in this mattress prevent your skin from getting too oily or sticky. It's great if you're looking for that perfect tan or you just want to keep on floating.Rings and tubesThese are intentionally designed to look like a donut. It's probably the safest type to use for its ease of escape (if needed) and confidence-inspiring in floating. They can even help you swim better as when they lay on top of them and just stretch out your legs, you are in the literal perfect position for swimming.KickboardsKickboards are specifically designed to increase the kicking power of a swimmer regardless if the swimmer is new or a professional athlete, these kickboards help refine and strengthen a swimmer's legs and all sorts of strokes.Infant and kid's floatiesThese wonderful gear come in multiple sizes, colors, and shapes. They're very popular with children, perfect for swimming lessons or just floating. They can either be worn, attached, or even sat on directly with their bodies. There are many types available from ring tubes, inflatable balls, armbands, seats, and many more.

    What do you call a pool float?

    Either that or a swim ring. In some other countries, they call them an inner tube, water donut, rubber ring, floatie, a lifesaver, or even an inflatable water toy.

    Why is inflatable floater important?

    Inflatable floaters are better than non-inflatables as they can be easily stored away and take up much less space. And if you ever need to deflate it, you can just run it under water or pierce it and it'll eventually release the air and even easily fold on itself when dry.