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Girls' Swim Diapers

The first time you swim with your daughter, it's a magical moment. But then reality hits: You need to find that perfect girls' swim diaper. The one that will keep things clean and dry for the whole family poolside experience. And not just any old diaper-you need something durable enough to stand up to hours of swimming, playing, and splashing.


Luckily, SwimOutlet has you covered. We carry a wide selection of girls' swim diapers, perfect for all your little mermaids' aquatic needs. Choose from our selection of reusable and disposable swim diapers, all designed to keep your daughter's swimsuit dry and free of accidents.


Secured, yet Comfortable Fit


Designed with a secure yet not constricting fit, our wide array of swim diapers will keep your daughter comfortable as she plays in the pool. Most importantly, our collection of swim diapers will help keep her safe from accidents and embarrassing leaks.


Popular brands like TYR, Tuga, Konfidence, Bummis, IPlay, Dolfin, Splash About, FINIS, and Sporti made it possible for your little girls to enjoy the freedom of swimming without feeling uncomfortable.


Easy to Use, Cute Designs


Accident-free swimming doesn't have to mean a mundane swim diaper. We've got a variety of fun, stylish designs to choose from, perfect for any little girl's personality. Fun and bright patterns to cater to kids' tastes, as well as more subtle designs for older girls, are all available in our selection of swim diapers. Plus, our swim diapers are easy to use, making them perfect for busy moms on the go. There is no need to sacrifice style or comfort for your daughter's swim diaper. You can have the best of both worlds!


Choose SwimOutlet for all your girls' swim diaper needs. We've got the perfect product for every budget and need. Shop now and make your next family swimming experience a breeze!




Do you put a diaper under a swim diaper?


It's not recommended for your child to wear a regular diaper under a swim diaper. Regular diapers are not made to get wet and can cause your child discomfort and skin irritation. Swim diapers are specifically designed to be worn in the water and will keep your child comfortable and safe.


Do swim diapers hold urine?


Yes, swim diapers are designed to hold urine. They are also designed to be worn in the water, making them perfect for swimming and playing. If your child has an accident while wearing a swim diaper, the diaper will contain the mess and keep it from getting in the pool.


Do swim diapers keep poop in?


Swim diapers are not specifically designed to keep the poop in, but they will contain any messes that occur. If your child has a bowel movement while wearing a swim diaper, the diaper will prevent the poop from getting into the pool. It is suggested that you clean your child's swim diaper as soon as possible after they have an accident.


Can diapers be used for swimming? 


There are specially designed swim diapers that are made to be worn in the water. These diapers are perfect for preventing leaks and accidents while swimming.