Women's Wetsuit Booties

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If you're into kayaking, wakeboarding, rock fishing, scuba diving, surfing, swimming, windsurfing, and any other watersport, SwimOutlet's women's wetsuit booties are great for your extra protection, traction, and warmth. When your feet are warm, your whole body will feel more comfortable and more able to take on the challenges of your favorite watersport! 


Enjoy browsing through SwimOutlet's collection of split-toe booties for the serious surfer Betty or Wahine; round-toe booties for the diving, kayaking, or paddling enthusiast; or neoprene socks for the hiking and canyoneering-in-water adventurer.  For any other style of women's wetsuit booties, select from popular top brands like O'Neill, Rip Curl, and Xcel.


SwimOutlet offers you the largest selection of women’s wetsuits to choose from like wetsuit tops, wetsuit bottoms or wetsuit hoods on the web today. We have carefully curated collections that feature a wide variety of sizes, colors, styles, and from different brands like Roxy, O'Neill, Billabong, Peak, RipCurl, and more.


Your feet take you everywhere. They deserve the best care you can give them.


Do wetsuit booties keep you warm?


Wetsuit booties, also known as wet boots or neoprene boots, are usually made of neoprene and rubber. Thicker neoprenes keep your feet warmer while thinner neoprenes are more lightweight and flexible. Neoprenes trap a small amount of water between the wetsuit bootie and your skin. Your body heat warms this thin layer of water which in turn keeps your feet warm. 


How do you wear booties with a wetsuit?


Put on your wetsuit first but always wear your wetsuit over your booties. Then, roll up the ankles of your wetsuit and put on your booties. Next, roll your wetsuit over the tops of your booties. With your booties underneath your wetsuit, the water will be able to flush out of your wetsuit instead of into your booties if you do it the other way around.


How do you take care of wetsuit booties?


Soon after using them, always wash your booties with freshwater and wetsuit shampoo. As regular maintenance, wash your booties twice a month with neoprene soap. After each washing, rinse them, then roll the top of your booties down and hang them upside down for air to circulate well. Once dry, flip them inside out and keep in a well-ventilated space to prevent them from smelling.


Do I need wetsuit booties?


You'd need wetsuit booties if you're into activities and watersports where you need to keep your feet warm. They also protect your feet from stony beaches, rough ground, and sharp reefs. When engaging in watersports, once the water temperature falls below 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15.6 degrees Celsius), you'd need wetsuit booties.


How do I choose the right wetsuit booties?


It depends on where you'll be wearing them. If you're a reef walker, you need thicker soles to protect your feet from underwater debris and rough rocks. They are low-cut, thin (usually 1mm neoprene), very flexible but not very warm.


If you're a surfer or diver in cold water, you need a winter wetsuit bootie that's from 2mm to 7mm thick. They are long cut and less flexible but will keep your feet much warmer.


Choose 100% neoprene for a good balance between warmth and flexibility.


If you want to prevent water from flooding your wetsuit booties, choose booties with taped, glued, and blindstitched seams. These are waterproof designs and will keep your feet warmer.


Are wetsuit boots worth it?


Yes, especially if you are in colder climates, they are a must. For surfers, the thinnest neoprene you can get away with while keeping your feet warm is best. The fit and style of your wetsuit booties greatly impact your ability to grip to your surfboard and how warm you feel will be. Generally, your bootie should fit snugly tight but not too tight. Split-toe or latex-dipped wetsuit booties are recommended for serious surfers. 


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