Men's Lifeguard Rash Guards

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Rash Guards

Rash guards are essential for lifeguards on duty, as they allow them to feel cool and stay protected while poolside. At SwimOutlet, we offer Men’s lifeguard rash guards in a wide range of styles and colors that will help you stand out to swimmers while staying comfortable on the job. As with all of the products we stock at SwimOutlet, our rash guards come from some of the most respected names in the industry, including Sporti, Nike, Dolfin, and TYR. So you can be sure that you're receiving the ultimate in comfort, protection, and quality with a rash guard that will see you through each and every season on duty.


The ultimate in sun protection


Long hours on duty by the pool or on the beach can leave you incredibly exposed to the sun's harmful rays. Step up your protection beyond sunscreen by wearing one of our rash guards that feature UPF 50+ protection. UPF 50+ protection means that your skin is guarded from over 98% of UVA and UVB rays, providing more protection than sunscreen - without the need to constantly reapply! For the ultimate protection, opt for a rash guard with long sleeves. Or if you prefer a short sleeve or sleeveless look, be aware that you'll need to apply sunscreen to your exposed arms and shoulders. What's more, rash guards are manufactured with the most breathable fabrics around, so you'll feel cool even when wearing a lifeguard hat and visors.


Shop our Men's Lifeguard Rash Guards with a wide range of design


Whether you're a lifeguard that has to wear the traditional color of red, or have more relaxed rules on the color of lifeguard swim shorts you can choose - we have a range of bold, eye-catching colors that will have you looking the part. Amongst our range of rash guards and swim shirts, you'll find reds, blacks, whites, blues, and even neon yellows and greens - in both solid and spliced colorways. 


Lifeguards also have to consider the graphics on their rash guard, as some institutions require a loud "guard" slogan, while others prefer no graphic at all. We offer styles with a range of small, medium, and large graphics, as well as plain designs with no graphic at all. 


Whether you feel most comfortable in long sleeves, short sleeves, or no sleeves at all, we most definitely have a men’s lifeguard rash guards to suit your style. Our sizing ranges from XS to 3XL, so there really is a rash guard to suit everyone.