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Pool Supplies

Keep your pool clean, clear, and safe with the huge range of swimming pool supplies available here at SwimOutlet. When it comes to shopping for pool supplies online, we offer one of the broadest selections and some of the most unbeatable deals on the market. From everyday necessities like leaf skimmers to keep your pool clean, pumice stones to eradicate sharp edges, floating chlorine dispensers, and floating digital thermometers. To larger investments like commercial equipment bins, pool ladders, pool vacuums, and vacuum pumps. 


Everything you need to kit out your pool


Our selection of above ground swimming pool supplies offer everything you could possibly need to kit out your pool ready to welcome swimmers - no matter how big or small. 


There are certain supplies that every pool needs before it can be open for business. This checklist typically includes a host of chemicals, a thermometer, a chlorine dispenser, a pool vacuum, a net, a skimmer, and a brush. These items are required to keep your pool clean, safe, and ready to swim in. 


Depending on how you intend to use your pool, you may also want to kit it out with safety posters, equipment bins, and supportive tools like floats and pool noodles.