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Cover Ups & Wraps

Whether you're lounging by a pool, transiting to a beach or just looking for a lightweight garment that can fit easily over your clothing, swimsuit cover ups offer versatility, comfort and style. A swimsuit coverup is a must have for those who enjoy a day at the beach or pool without having to constantly change into and out of a swimsuit. With a cover up, you can slip it on and enjoy fashionable attire while still in your suit!


Being made of lightweight fabric not only makes cover ups easy to wear, but they also fold up easily and fit compactly into a beach bag. Swimsuit coverups are excellent choices if you're looking to stay out of the sun in between bathing sessions, and their breathable composition won't leave you feeling hot and sticky while you sit in the sun. For those who are more sensitive to the sun, swimsuit cover ups allow quick and easy access to reliable sun protection without having to wear bulky clothing or constantly reapply sunblock. Whether you're trying to stay out of the sun or feel more comfortable while moving around in a swimsuit setting, swimsuit coverups offer portability and comfort that's hard to beat.


If fashion is your concern, swimsuit cover ups come in a range of styles, designs and lengths to complement your swimwear or make it stand out even more. Mid-length cuts easily coverup a bikini or bathing suit so you can frequent public establishments without feeling immodest, and full-length designs offer the elegance of wearing the dress with the comfort of wearing a robe. Swimsuit coverups come in a range of fabrics and patterns that allow you to personalize your swimwear and enjoy the outdoors in style. A swimsuit cover up can be a statement piece just by itself!


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What is a bathing suit cover up called?


Another name for a swimsuit cover up is a sarong or pareo.


What is the thing you put over your swimsuit called?


Coverups, kimonos, and sarongs are all garments that can go over a swimsuit.


What goes over a swimsuit?


Any long dress similar to a robe that is lightweight and easy to put on and take off works well for covering a swimsuit.


What is a bathing suit wrap called?


A bathing suit wrap is known as a sarong or cover up.