Rescue Tubes

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Rescue Tubes

Lifeguard rescue tubes are an essential part of any lifeguard's time on duty, and SwimOutlet is proud to offer the highest quality tubes for use in pools, lakes, and the ocean. As an instrumental piece of lifesaving equipment, it's vital to water rescue that the lifesaving tubes you use are built for optimum performance and durability - which is why we only stock the highest-rated brand names in the industry such as Sporti, Kemp, and Fox 40.


Whether you are a business looking to kit your pool out with a reliable rescue tube, first aid kit, rescue mask and ring buoys that you know will do the job, or you're simply looking for a good deal on a replacement cover - trust that we have exactly what you need, for a great price. 


Tips for using rescue tubes


Rescue tubes are a long piece of buoyant foam covered in vinyl, featuring a shoulder strap and towline to be used in emergency situations. Lifeguards who intend to use a rescue tube should be sure to:


  • Keep the tube's strap over both their shoulders and neck.

  • Make sure that the rescue tube is positioned across their stomach whilst in a standing position.

  • Position the rescue tube on the thighs while sitting on your lifeguard chair. This will ensure that the tube's towline does not get tangled in the chair if you have to tend to an emergency situation.