Men's Wetsuit Tops

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Looking for the best wetsuit tops? You've come to the right place. SwimOutlet has a wide selection of men's wetsuits from some of the top brands in the industry, including DeSoto, XCEL, and O'Neill. Whether you are looking for wetsuit bottoms, swimkins or spring suits.

Each of our wetsuit has been designed with performance and comfort in mind, so you can focus on your swimming and not worry about your suit. 

We have a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, so you're sure to find the perfect men’s wetsuit tops for you.


Men's Wetsuit Tops for all Water Activities


When it comes to choosing the right men's wetsuit top, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind. 

First, consider what type of water activity you'll be using it for.

If you're looking for a wetsuit top to wear while surfing, you'll want something that's durable and can withstand the wear and tear of the waves. 

If you're just looking for men’s wetsuit tops for swimming, you'll have a little more flexibility in terms of material and style.

Finally, think about the climate you'll be using the wetsuit top in. 

If you live in a warm climate, you won't need as much insulation as someone who lives in a colder climate. Conversely, if you're going to be using your wetsuit top in colder water, you'll want something that's well insulated to keep you warm.


Wetsuits no matter your style


Wetsuit tops come in a range of styles depending on the water activity you're using it for. 

If you're looking for a short-sleeve wetsuit top, we've got a great selection from some of the top brands in the industry. 

Our short sleeve wetsuits are made with ultra-light neoprene for superior comfort and flexibility in the water. They're perfect for warm water activities like swimming, surfing, and paddleboarding.

If you're looking for a wetsuit top with a little more coverage, our full zip wetsuits are a great option. 

They offer the same ultra-light neoprene construction as our short sleeve wetsuits, but with the added benefit of a full zip closure. This makes them easy to get on and off, and also provides a little extra warmth for colder water activities.

For the ultimate in coverage and warmth, our long sleeve wetsuits are a great choice. 

They're made with ultra-thick neoprene for maximum insulation, and feature a full zip closure for easy on and off. They're perfect for colder water activities like surfing, paddleboarding, and kayaking.

Lastly, many people overlook the importance of a hood on their wetsuit. A hood can be extremely beneficial in a number of ways, the most important of which is keeping your head and neck warm. 


In addition to keeping you warm, a hood can also provide additional protection from the sun and wind. If you are someone who is constantly outdoors and exposed to the elements, a hood can help keep you comfortable and protected.