Women's Spring Suits

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Spring Suits

Traditional wetsuits are an excellent choice for chilly water and windy days, but what about during the warm summer months? That full-body coverage can become cumbersome and too hot. Spring suits are designed specifically for these times. Their lightweight materials and shorter styles make them the perfect choice for days when you need more than a regular swimsuit but don't want to go all-in on a full suit. 


Spring suits are not only practical; they also come in a wide range of styles and colors, making them a stylish beach choice. 


So Many Styles


At SwimOutlet.com, we pride ourselves on offering the most current styles, which means having more than just the newest cut of bikini. It means keeping up with the advances in wetsuit style and technology and stocking the best women's spring suits on the market. 


Different shapes of spring suits offer various advantages. For example, the one-piece bathing suit style looks very similar to a traditional suit while keeping your core warmer and offering additional padding in the stomach. These can also be purchased with long sleeves, which will help protect your arms while snorkeling in and around reefs. 


For ease of use, you won't find a better option than our stylish separate suits. These give you the freedom to mix and match shorts or full-length tights with different tops or even pull them on over your regular bikini bottoms. 


Extra Options


In addition to coming in a great selection of cuts and colors, women’s spring suits also offer different padding and zipper options. So whether you prefer the ease of a front-zip suit or the added water-resistance of a higher-necked back zipper, we have the wetsuit for you.


Back-zip wetsuits often have extra padding in the stomach, which many women find more comfortable when paddling their boards out.


Another additional feature to consider is neoprene panels. While most spring suits are covered in a lightweight jersey fabric, traditional, smooth neoprene panels attract sunlight and provide extra warmth but are less flexible.