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Get your little one ready for their next big adventure and browse our huge range of girls' water shoes at SwimOutlet. Water shoes are incredibly helpful for kids who have a yearning to explore the water, as they will keep their feet safe from any sharp items lying on the sea bed that could hurt them. All of the youth water shoes we stock at SwimOutlet come from some of the most reliable brand names in the business, including Sporti, Speedo, Body Glove, Northside, and O'Neill. These brands are known all over the world for their high quality sports gear, and it's no different for their kids water shoes. 


Our big girls' water shoes offer top quality protection for the soles of your child's feel, built with a robust sole that will stop any sharp items in their tracks, while the soft upper makes it easy for your little girl to pull on the shoes herself. What's more, our water shoes are available in a diverse variety of colors and styles, so you won't have any trouble finding a pair in your little girl's favorite color!


Wide variety of sizes


As parents, it can feel exhausting keeping up with your child's ever-growing feet! In fact, children's feet can grow up to two whole sizes each year. That's why we make sure to offer a wide range of sizes to suit every child, from US sizes 1 to 12, to standard sizing from XS to XL. Just make sure you have an up to date measurement for your child's feet and consult the size guide before adding your chosen pair to your basket. We know how tough it can be keeping up with quick-growing children's feet, which is why we offer top quality brand shoes at unbeatable prices.


Aqua socks for barefoot babies


Although some kids love the safety of a water shoe, others would just prefer to kick them off and go barefoot! As parents, offer them a compromise with aqua socks. These socks offer the feel of barefoot swimming and exploring, but with the added protection against the sand. Many of the styles available also offer a Zero Drop feature, which helps to improve children's foot muscles, balance and posture.