Girls' Sun Protection Shorts & Tights

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Swim Shorts & Swim Tights

Swim leggings have become a trendy swim fashion accessory in the last few years. The primary reasons are that these are practical, sporty, versatile, and also offer sun protection. The best reason why you should get girls sun protection shorts and tights is that it lets you enjoy your favorite water sports activity while shielding your legs from the harmful impact of the UV rays.

How to choose the best girls sun protection shorts and rights?

Leggings for girls, similar to swimsuits, are constructed to be water-friendly rather than water-proof. It is made of the very material that you find in your rash guard or swimwear. But you may also use these clothing pieces for any activity out of the water like yoga or jogging. While some girls opt for wearing a bikini brief, some prefer not to. But the fix here is how to choose the best girls swim leggings. Let's find out:

The right materials

When the material is a matter of concern for Girls sun protection shorts and tights, you should never go for those materials that soak up water too fast like cotton. Instead a combination of nylon, spandex and polyester is a great choice.

UPF fabric

If the fabric of your swim shorts for teenage girls can provide sun protection up to UPF 50+, then you can rest assured that it will protect your skin from sunburn.

Design and style

When selecting shorts and tights for girls, you should go for a high waist style so that it remains in position under water. The best bottom wear are the ones with a gusseted crotch along with flat seams.


Which fabric is best for blocking sunlight?

While you need to put on sunscreen when in water in the sun, it's even better to go for girls shorts and tights that offer UVA and UVB protection. UPF-enhanced swimsuits are best for covering up your skin as you emerge out of water in the sun.

Do tights provide sun protection?

You can get sunburn even when you wear tights. But you can maximize the protection by choosing the right fabric. You should go for girls swim shirts that are tightly woven, long-sleeved and dark shaded. Unbleached cotton tights can offer sun protection to a certain extent.

What is the highest UPF clothing?

While UPF ratings ranging from 15 to 35 are good for providing protection from the UV rays, the highest UPF rating for girls sun protection shorts and tights is 50+.

What color clothing blocks the sun?

Polyester as well as silk with a high level of sheen can reflect ultraviolet radiation. Bright and dark colors can absorb higher amounts of ultraviolet compared to pastel shades and lighter colors. The vividness of the color is responsible for enhancing sun blockage.

Should you wear sunscreen under clothes?

UV rays can go underneath the layer of your clothing and cause sun damage to the skin, including sunburn. The best clothes for maximizing sun protection are those equipped with a high sun protection. However, it's good to wear sunscreen under your clothes to amplify protection.