Women's Thermal Rash Guards

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Womens Thermal Rash Guards

SwimOutlet presents you with a wide selection of womens thermal rash guards that add warmth so you can stay longer in the water. Get to focus more on your performance as you continue to surf, kayak, paddleboard, and swim in chilly weather. Our huge offering of the best swimwear brands guarantees that we have something for you, no matter what kind of rash guard you may need.

We also take pride in the fact that we have some of the world's best surf brands offering rash guards, such as Roxy, Billabong, and O'Neill. We also have sports brands that carry high-quality rash guards, such as Nike Swim, Sporti, Blueseventy, Arena, and more.

Additional products on Swimoutlet.com are available to satisfy a wide range of demands. In our web catalog, for instance, we have all the necessities for water sports, including swimwear, rash guards, wetsuits, swim gear, and more. In addition, we provide a variety of goods, including clothes and sporting goods that are suitable for both children and adults.

Reasons Why You Need a Womens Thermal Rash Guards

There are traditional rash guards and then there are thermal rash guards. So why do you need the latter? If the water is cold but not too cold, then you might need a thermal rash guard that provides you with more warmth than a conventional rash guard. Here are the reasons why you need to have a thermal rash guard on your next surfing adventure:

  • Thermal Swimwear Adds Warmth
  • The best thermal rash guard offers ample insulation that allows you to swim in colder temperatures. If the weather is not warm but not too cold, a thermal rash guard is the best thing to wear. This is ideal if you're swimming or surfing in tropical weather but it's raining all day, or the weather is colder than normal.

  • Protects You From Friction and Chafing
  • If you paddle on a board or row on a boat, a women's thermal swim top will give you the protection your skin needs. Constantly having to expose your arms to a board or boat means there's friction between your skin, which means you'll get painful chafing if you're not wearing a thick rash guard.

  • High-Quality Materials Last for Many Years
  • The most common material for thermal swim rash guards is neoprene, the same material used on wet suits. However, thermal rash guards have thinner layers of neoprene, making them more flexible but also durable enough to last after many uses. Because of this, these types of rash guards are more of an investment.


    Do rash guards add warmth?

    Yes, rash guards do add warmth, whether they're made of polyester and spandex or neoprene. However, regular rash guards offer minimal warmth. If you're looking for more insulation, a thermal rash guard is the better option.

    How do I choose a rash guard?

    To choose the best rash guard, you need to figure out why you need one. If you need it for surfing, you need a long-sleeve rash guard that offers more protection than a short-sleeve one. If you're paddle boarding, a short sleeve rash guard may be more ideal for your activities.

    Are rash guards supposed to be tight or loose?

    Rash guards need to be tight like they're second skin on your body. This is because as you move in the water, the fabric needs to stay on your skin and not away from your skin. This provides more comfort and security when in the water. Loose rash guards are better choices for women who are not planning to spend a lot of time in the water.

    What does a woman wear under a rash guard?

    A woman needs to wear a swimsuit under a rash guard. A bikini top or a tankini top with molded cups are the best options to wear under a rash guard.

    Do you wear a bra under a rash guard?

    No, a bra is not ideal because underwear is mostly made of breathable materials such as cotton or linen that absorb water. You'll be soggy underneath your rash guard if you wear a bra. A bikini top is the best option.