Boys' Wetsuit Booties

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Wetsuit Booties

Wetsuit booties have many practical uses including warmth, protection from jagged rocks or reefs, as well as providing traction. They're typically made out of a combination of neoprene and rubber and designed to be worn in conjunction with a wetsuit. Whether your child enjoys surfing, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, or simply wading in the water, the water, these booties will keep them warm and protected the whole time.


Our assortment of boys' wetsuit booties come in a variety of sizes and colors for all young water sport enthusiasts. We also offer a broad range of price points without sacrificing on the quality of the shoe. Check out our top youth brands which include O'Neill and Level Six.


Choosing a Style


When it comes to choosing a style, it's important to consider which factors are most important to you and your child. For instance, if warmth is your main consideration, then we'd recommend choosing boys' wetsuit booties with thicker neoprene. The thicker the neoprene is, the warmer your child's booties will be. However, if you're looking for a lightweight pair that provides flexibility, then look for a pair with thinner neoprene.


The thickness of the sole also depends on the activity your child is participating in. Those who surf typically prefer a thinner sole so they can still feel and grip the board beneath them.




When it comes to proper fit, wetsuit booties should be very snug around the toes and ankles in order to function correctly. They shouldn't be so tight that they cause discomfort, but if they aren't snug enough, water will seep in and weigh your child down.


If your child has small feet then we'd recommend taking a look at the toddler wetsuit booties. On the flip side, if your child is too big for this selection, then browse our men's surf booties.


It's also important to note that wetsuit booties should always be worn underneath the wetsuit.


After use, place your child's wetsuit booties in a warm and dry area. If possible, we recommend drying them out by placing them in front of a fan.