Women's Wetsuit Hoods

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SwimOutlet offers you the largest selection of women’s wetsuits on the web today you can choose from swimkins to spring suits. We have carefully curated collections that feature a wide variety of sizes, colors, styles, and from different brands like Roxy, O'Neill, Billabong, Peak, RipCurl, and more.


Make Water Sports a Year-Round Activity


Ladies, you shouldn't stop surfing, swimming, diving, or kayaking just because it got cold outside. We know that the water can be rather uninviting and unforgiving come winter, but that's no longer a reason to take a break from your favorite activities. 


However, in these conditions, protection is essential. This is especially true for the head, a body part most sensitive to temperature changes. Cold water can cause the brain freeze headaches and even lead to more serious health issues, such as "surfer's ear". That's why you should take a look at our selection of women's wetsuit hoods that can serve as your secret weapon against the cold. 


We believe you shouldn't sacrifice time on the waves just because the temperature has dropped a bit. The hoods from our offer will provide protection solid and durable enough to let you stay in the water as long as you're having fun. 


Different Designs for Different Challenges


To make sure you find what you're looking for, SwimOutlet offers a variety of women's wetsuit hoods from reputable industry brands such as O'Neill or Xcel. Made from neoprene, the highest-quality material in the industry, they range from 1.5 to 3 mm in thickness, ensuring that you can take on even the coldest wave breaks. 


Of course, your comfort and good fit are our top concerns, so you can choose from several hood styles with or without the brim. If you want maximum protection, you can go with a full hood, covering both the head and the neck, or even choose the option with a thermal vest. For more surface-driven water sports, such as kite surfing or standup paddleboarding, take a look at the simple beanies that allow full freedom of movement. 


To get all this and a ton of other women's wetsuits at the lowest possible prices, check out our SwimOutlet+ Membership Program for exclusive deals and early access to new items and sales.