Women's Lifeguard Swimwear

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Women's Lifeguard Swimwear

Women's lifeguard swimwear is different from your everyday swimwear. They typically come in red, feature a one-piece swimsuit design, and have a general athletic look. While most companies commission their own women's lifeguard uniforms, there may be a few that need to buy their own swimsuits elsewhere. As long as the design, material, and color are approved, then you can choose to wear a women’s lifeguard swimwear to your liking.

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What is the Traditional Lifeguard Swimsuit?

Lifeguards are important on the beach or around a pool area. They save the lives of swimmers, but also provide security and safety on the beach and around the pool, keeping people's behavior in check. But what do they wear? What are the best lifeguard swimsuits for women? Here is everything you need to know about traditional lifeguard swimsuits:

  • One-Piece or Two-Piece?
  • The traditional lifeguard swimsuit is a one-piece, with thick straps on the shoulder, a low scoop neckline, an open back, and a classic brief bottom. The overall look of the lifeguard swimsuit is modest, professional, and sporty. However, modern lifeguard swimsuits do come in other designs, such as two-piece tankinis or a sports bra-style bikini top and boyleg short bottoms. These usually have an athletic style, with a racerback for the top, and a thick garter waistband for the bottom.

  • Red Lifeguard Swimsuits
  • Red has been used by lifeguards in the US since the 1950s when the National Park Services ordered all their lifeguards to wear red. The color was chosen since it has always been associated with authority and courage, qualities that a lifeguard must possess. Red is also a bold and striking color that helps lifeguards distinguish themselves from other people on the beach.

  • Logo on the Swimsuit
  • An official lifeguard swimsuit must have the logo of the company or government agency she belongs to. If you're buying a lifeguard swimsuit, having your company or agency's logo specially printed on the suit gives you a professional and authoritative look.


    What swimsuits do lifeguards wear?

    Swimsuits typically wear a one-piece swimsuit, with two thick straps, and an open-back. However, modern versions are available, such as a sports-bra style top and boyleg shorts.

    What color swimsuit is easiest to see underwater?

    The easiest swimsuit to color to see underwater are neon colors. When it comes to steady water, such as in a pool, neon pink and orange are the most visible, as compared to neon green, which can look like leaves on the bottom of the pool. For moving water such as on a beach, lake, or river, all kinds of neon colors are easy to spot underwater.

    What swimsuit is best for a swimming pool?

    Any kind of swimsuit is great for swimming pool swims except for wetsuits or rash guards. One of the purposes of wearing a rashguard or wetsuit is to protect yourself from jellyfish stings and cold temperatures. In a pool, some feature heating that warms up the water during cold weather, and there are also no risks of jellyfish exposure.

    What color do lifeguards wear?

    Red is the most common for lifeguard swimsuits as it was ordered by the National Park Services in the US in the 1950s. It evokes a sense of power, authority, bravery, and courage, and it's also a bright and bold color that's easy to see on the beach and in the water. However, it depends on the company or agency operating the beach or pool. Some lifeguards can wear blue or other colors of authority such as black.