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When you aren’t doing freestyle, backstroke, or breaststroke, you’re sweating, stretching, and staying active on dryland. Get the dryland training, cardio, and yoga gear you need to achieve your out-of-the-water fitness goals.

Yoga practice, aerobics, and dryland training are great ways to stay active out-of-the-water. Make the most of your dryland workouts with activewear, gear, and more for your fitness routine. Build strength, widen your range of motion, and deepen breath control with yoga classes. Define your lower back, lower body, arms, or upper body with strength training and weightlifting, or use your body weight to build core strength for lasting endurance in the water.

A full-body workout isn't easy so take your swim workouts to the next level with a combination of cross-training, yoga poses, pilates, jump rope, and dryland exercises. All of these are sure to get your heart rate going. Competitive swimmers and swim coaches agree--swimming workouts are only half of the dryland training program when it comes to dryland training for swimmers.