Men's Euro Swimwear

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Euro Swimwear

A stylish man needs stylish swim options. Euro swimwear is a fashion-forward, bold way to hit the beach. Men who like to show off a little more skin and their hard-earned physique lean toward Euro swimwear as a way to make a statement.

Euro swimwear is called that because of its popularity in Europe. While that’s true, the tight-fitting and shorter styles have become popular in America. Euro swimwear comes in bright and bold colors and prints, as well as solid styles. Swim trunks have the same silhouette as regular trunks, but fit tighter and have a shorter inseam. Square leg suits are a body-hugging style with a straight cut for a boxy look. Lastly, briefs are just that – men’s swimwear cut like women’s briefs.

Choose from top swimwear brands like Sporti, Sauvage, Tommy Bahama, Mr. Swim, Nike, and Quid & Buck so you can feel confident no matter what you choose.